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Finally! Been waiting for this!

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Sync on audio still might be off. Hopefully, isn't too terrible now but having a lot of trouble getting it perfect after the compression. Sorry!

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The most glorious piece of content all year. Thanks, Philips.

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If anyone loses interest while watching this video, I highly suggest you skip to the last 3 minutes.

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I'm so sorry, Vinny.

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Quick look of the year.

Also, screw Jimmy and his damn pepper mill.

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So excited to watch this.

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Sticking through the whole 90ish minutes is worth it in the end. This was hilarious watching it live. I'm almost tempted to rewatch it.

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I couldn't watch it while this was live. Judging by the thumbnail this will be glorious.

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Rise of the machines!

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One of the funniest streams I've seen in years. Poor Vinny.

And fuck Jimmy.

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I'm so glad I was there to see this live. This is a special one, folks.

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I missed this as it was on during work, but so excited to watch the archive now after seeing the gif that was on Twitter :)

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Vincent "The Toy Giraffe" Caravella.

Teaching robots how to dance with Vincent Caravella.


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this is the subscribers endurance run

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Did you mean?

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I've missed that beautiful mug.

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Aha! Is this our chance pepper grinder?

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Perfect thumbnail

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Am I seeing grey in Vinny's beard, or is it just the lighting?

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Eeeyyy there he is.

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vinny! damn dat beard is grizzly as hell!

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Caught this live earlier. About to watch again for the laughs.

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I came here to listen to Vinny read things aloud from a computer monitor.

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the last 20 minutes are gold

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This is the best thing I've ever watched

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Okay I'm gonna throw this possibility out there...was he supposed to select the new speech profile after he did the training thing? It looks like he might have accidentally gone with the default, untrained speech profile.

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You already told me your name is Street.

can't stop laughing. so good.

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aw jeez , this is special.

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I love the idea of Vinny just being locked in this shady ass room in New York, drinking coffee, wearing aviators, and just pumping out crazy ass videos. So good.

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Pick Up The Pepper Grinder

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Yay! A Doctor Sbaitso! He's here to help, tell him your problems.

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Nakagawa Corp. is proud of it's Vinny bot, it will guide the human race into the future which of course was destroyed by algae......

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@vinny Have I told you I loved you lately?

Never leave us again, you big schmuck.

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I am sorry Philips. I don't understand.

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fuck off jimmy

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Magnificent work, Philips.

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Looks like that half-an-hour of voice training really paid off, Amy.

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This video is one of the funniest thing ive seen in quite some time. Great Vinny! :D

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Today we learn why you don't goof off during voice recognition training.

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Great job Phillips.

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This video was as frustrating to watch as it was immensely funny.

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This is a nightmare. So patient, Vinny.