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this is fantastic

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This is the best. I'm so pumped.

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A fork!

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Oh, yes! Whip them, Vinny!

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Oh man! I'm way more excited about this than I should be.

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As soon as I joined the live stream, really late into it, the cart crashed. It was sad, yet pretty funny. Glad I can watch this surprise feature tonight.

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Whoa when did this happen?

Looking forward to watching it!

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Man, when did this happen? I never saw this on the front page.

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"Part 01"!!??

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Oh goodness! This is a surprise.

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site showed this as live earlier today but said there was no show when I tried to connect to chat?

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Wait what?!

Did I miss a live show?

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Aww yiss.

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I, too, would like to know when this happened and how I missed it live?

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This is great!

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I did the same damn thing when I finished Lords of Shadow 2.

Man, Castlevania and Castlevania 3 were special, special games.

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How did I miss this? I don't miss things. Someone owes me an explanation.

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The real Castlevania begins here.

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CastleVinnyia forever!

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Love the feature!

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hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wait, isn't there supposed to be music?

Edit: There we go.

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Hey, look at this surprise!!!! My Tuesday night just inverted from like 50% awesome to 200.6% awesome!

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Oh Rorie. You need to get up on your video game knowledge. I feel bad for Brad correcting him so much.

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I know what I'm doing tonight. Great surprise.

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WHAAA? when did this happen and why didnt i know about this beforehand???

Edit: the real dark souls starts here.

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oh shirt

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i'm rather happy about this. Also, a big F U to potato_marshal.

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What the hell was he playing this on that crashed? I assumed it was PC as he was sat there....hmmm brad did reference save stating at the the end assume it was PC.

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@vrikk said:

Oh Rorie. You need to get up on your video game knowledge. I feel bad for Brad correcting him so much.

I know! Brad is ruthless! I love it!

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Go easy on Rorie!

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It's nice to see Brad in the passenger's seat for one of these stressful runs.

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This is by far the best feature this site has done! I love it Vinny :D

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Oh man, is Vinny left in charge again? Those are always the best weeks.

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This is great!

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There's only room for one dark lord on this website, and it's not Dracula.

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They often say they will do things on quick looks but not really do them. This time they did.


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What an ending. You have my sympathy, Vinny.

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What is this?

What is a Vinny?

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Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please let this feature cover ALL Castlevania games! I have been waiting for this feature since before they even hinted at possibly doing it. YES!!!!!! Guess I'm going to bed an hour late tonight!

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Vinny behind the controls (of ANYTHING) is always the best.