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Posted by RampageAssassin

I have everything crossed for Crash to make a return. It's time !

Posted by paulunga

I was never the biggest Sierra fan (Lucasarts 4 lyfe), but this is still pretty exciting.

Posted by Noli


Edited by GaspoweR

Sierra is publishing Half Life 3 guys...this is it...this is finally it. Activision and Valve working together for Half Life 3...that's the big announcement. Half Life 3 published by Sierra. That's it guys.

Posted by Sup

@gaspower: On seeing that logo, that was my first silly thought too. But it is clear now, that Police Quest 3000, Gabriel Knight 4 and Homeworld 3 (by Gearbox) will be announced :D

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Hey, don't fuck with me, Activision!

Posted by Shaunage

Is this the shortest video on the whole site?

Posted by dom2d

HD remakes or iPad ports incoming

Posted by cyberfunk


Posted by Vrikk

@sup: I'm ok with everything you just said, as long as GK IV is in the vein of I and II and not the joke that is III.

Posted by superslidetail

That brings back a feeling of 90's nostalgia for me.

Edited by cloudymusic

I loved Sierra games, despite the occasional BS with late-game unwinnable situations and needing to re-do large sections if you missed something hours earlier. (KQ5 was particularly bad about that.) It was a little more tolerable when you only had a couple of games to play and you were okay puzzling through them over the period of several months, but trying to (quickly) play through one of those games today almost requires following a walkthrough if you want to avoid frustration. Still, they had a constant sense of danger that LucasArts games really lacked. I love 'em both.

The long route of KQ6 is one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've had.

Posted by rhlowe

Quest for Glory HD remake!

Posted by forteexe21

I am all ready for the disappointment!

Posted by HammondofTexas

With the news of this and the dota2/hammer/source2/steam beta update today, HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!

Posted by paulunga

@dom2d said:

HD remakes or iPad ports incoming

I hate that we live in a time where this isn't just some joke but a thing that's likely to happen.

Edited by Thiago123

The Colonel's BeQuest HD - CONFIRMED

(also, King's Quest 4, Police Quest 3, Thexder, Earthsiege, Manhunter 2: San Francisco)

Posted by nights

Bring back ARC (Attack Retrieve Capture) and I'll be a happy man.

That's never going to happen...

Posted by trelution

Point and click adventures are coming back Bay-bee!

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Really good animating of the logo on display here. I am not too fond of the font they chose. The 'S' reminds me of the Metroid S on it's respective logo.

Posted by LarryDavis

@vrikk said:

@sup: I'm ok with everything you just said, as long as GK IV is in the vein of I and II and not the joke that is III.

Fucking word.

Posted by Rirse

Time to bring back Jollo and friends!

Edited by Sydlanel

hmm I don't trust them activisionists.

Edited by nERVEcenter

Hopefully this means Activision has finally, FINALLY decided to budget for its stable of older franchises and smaller, riskier projects. Instead of running around with three perpetual enormous franchises as it has for so long.

Posted by Cybexx

Dr. Brain is coming back! As foretold in a recent Bombcast email.

Posted by heatDrive88

I'll laugh when this turns out like EA Origin and Sierra is just another re-branded weird games download service.

Posted by johannes

<-- That guy!

Posted by spiketail

Heck yeah! The CoD series needs another studio attached to make the future CoD games more cinematic & better scripts!

Posted by madlands

Activision proud to announce the Sierra digital storefront providing streaming ad revenue supported f2p microtransaction remakes of your favorite *quest games. Early adopters will earn the exclusive Gabriel Knight avatar that will represent them in the virtual Sierra store

Edited by BigD145

The label is coming back but the folks behind the original Sierra are not included. Fuck off, Activision.

Posted by ollieg_94

Some kind of announcement

Please be Swat 5, please be Swat 5, please be Swat 5, please be Swat 5.

Posted by billyok

August 2014: Sierra's back!

September 2014: Cutbacks at Sierra, which will now serve as a Call of Duty support shop.

Posted by myslead

aaaaawww yisss

Posted by sadsadsad
@dom2d said:

iPad ports incoming

Posted by Sphinx

Earth Siege 3!! Right?! No? Bummer.

Posted by Insectecutor

Call me when they bring back Dynamix

Posted by Kojak

Quest for Glory 6

Posted by groundbeef

Sooo... Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude 2?

Posted by MrBubbles

so, new crash bandicoot, spyo, and AvP games?

Posted by OverDeezPecans

The Colonel's BeQuest HD - CONFIRMED

(also, King's Quest 4, Police Quest 3, Thexder, Earthsiege, Manhunter 2: San Francisco)

Oh Fifi... It's been so many years since I've tried to watch you in the attic with Jeeves...

Posted by JasonMrazMtaz

*Crosses fingers: "Free-to-play Leisure Suit Larry. Free-to-play Leisure Suit Larry!"

Posted by Sup

I imagine this is propably some kind of split-off/incubator devision from Activision. Activision has become very allergic to do new stuff and investing in it. I would guess this is an attempt to split it off under a kinda "new/old" name.

Posted by Coreus

Edited by OldGuy

Somebody figured out that this is the only way to bring back Cate Archer in a new game.

Posted by fenix840

I'm pretty sure these guys did AVP2 for PC. One of my favorite games growing up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be AVP3. That would make my year.

Posted by Dagbiker

I can not wait for a Lighthouse sequal. That was one of the best games ever, and no one ever remembers it.

Posted by mrcraggle

Activision announces Sierra, a brand new digital distribution store front where you can browse and purchase games and DLC from Activision's vast catalog of games as long as it's Call of Duty.

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