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yay finally got it
Posted by pLa

congratulations ( =

Posted by VicRattlehead

this and ghost trick look pretty great.... capcom bringing the ds thunder

Posted by Finstern

The constant noise attacks my ears

Posted by Poki3

There's definitely too much delay between moving from the game to drawing and back again :/

Posted by AURON570

I don't have a DS myself, but the audio quality doesn't seem up to snuff.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

More Okami? Sign me up.

Posted by JackSukeru

I liked Okami. 
I don't really care about this, sadly.

Posted by MisterMouse

i bet a lot of time could be taken out of the gameplay if there wasnt the screen switching...

Posted by lordbazuco

Oh sweet jesus. Make them stop talking

Posted by mythrol

Why would they be so stupid and not have the main game played on the bottom screen and maps and stuff on the top?
The delay is FAR too long and annoying. I was super excited for more Okami and especially on the DS where I thought it'd be a natural fit.
Leave it to capcom to F' that up.

Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

An awful lot of what made Okami special for me was the presentation. I don't think the DS can pull it off. I want Okami in 1080p on my 32" TV.

Posted by Lunar_Aura

I really REALLY like Okami and speaking as someone who loved to powerslash the hell out of EVERYTHING, the switching delay is really gonna bug the shiz out of me on this one.
Posted by MeatSim

My dog could do that.