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Looks awesome.

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Wallace and Gromit is amazing! Childhood memories YAY.

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Awww, I love Wallace and Gromit. :) This looks fun.

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....That whole mouth thing now working will kill the game for me.

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dude awesome!

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Those mouths moved really awkwardly. Didn't like that at all.

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OH GOD! The animations! ITS HORRENDOUS!

Posted by TheMustacheHero

OH GOD! The animations! ITS HORRENDOUS!

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get the crackers in !

not even wensdale ?

i still think the bad guy in the wrong trouser is best name ever  "Feathers McGraw"

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There's something distinctly un-charming about the animation here. So, they're trying to replicate the jerkiness of stop-motion with 3D graphics. Which is bad. But then, they have some animation there which is unashamedly smooth and video-game looking, which ruins the whole effect they're trying to replicate. Just... why.

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Stop complaining about the mouths.  It's animated to look like stop-motion animation and I think it looks pretty fantastic and definitely faithful to the movies.  I do have a soft-spot for Wallace and Gromit, though.  Anyway, Telltale is a perfect fit for this game, and I will buy it!

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Was that the original voice actor for Wallace? Didn't sound like it to me.

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I agree with Food.

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God damn that theme music brought back some memories

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Looks great.

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I'm sure the humor will be wonderful, but it's unfortunate that the original voice actor for Wallace (Peter Sallis) isn't being used.

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just like the series, very nice

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on March 16, 2009
Was that the original voice actor for Wallace? Didn't sound like it to me.

Sadly, no.  It's his official stand-in though, for whenever he's not available.  So...close enough, I guess.

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Well it will have some good humor at the least.

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Played the demo, and it is sweet! Looking forward to the episodes.

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Is it just me or did, it miss 1 or 2 frame of animation to make it field like the show.

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loved the movie/shorts, so i'll definitely keep a watch on this.

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I was looking forward to this game since they announced it!  Always enjoyed the Wallace and Gromit shorts and movies pretty much anything Aardman Animation does.

I'm very disappointed that they could not get the original voice actor of Wallace, Peter Sallis.  When I hear Wallace I instantly expect that voice.  Without that it just doesn't seem very authentic!

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'S hard to go wrong with Wallace & Gromit.

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I love Wallace and Gromace, bet it plays like Sam and Max

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Looks awesome!

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I'm playing this for review. Obviously can't say anything due to the embargo, but... Yeah. But.

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unlike dexter w+g could actually work as a game

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niiight grommit

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I see that many ppl have no idea what Wallace & Gromit is since they complane about the mouth move and animations.

Its an old claymation (spelling?) series and thats they way it looked(or looks i dont know if they are still making it. Theres a recent movie though).

So you guys ho coplane about that just stop since thats the way its supposed to be. And if it would look smooth and all then it would piss of ALOT of ppl.

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Its a shame its not the original voice actor, Peter Salis, I like him.

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