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Not even I understand my burning desire to play another one of these...

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Zone is brewing in Killfall: World Divided

Posted by EricSmith

I don't really have any interest in this game. Hopefully it's still good, though.

Posted by mrfluke

@patrickklepek as a curiosity when you get time, you should a bit of the wiki for the killzone series, this series has some interesting fiction that they have done a piss poor job of using in the games,

this one actually looks to use the interesting fiction in a interesting way.

Posted by bybeach

This could be good or a mess. I've always wanted for Killzone to realize it had a story. What was buried in some end game awfulness Killzone 3 was what I thought some inspired motion capture acting.

Posted by chubigans

Looks awesome. Guess I'm not missing much by not playing Killzone 3.

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Seriously though, heck of pretty so I don't mind them showing off a little.

Posted by EuanDewar

The cities have that Mirrors Edge/Syndicate/Remember Me kind of pretty going on that i adore

Posted by SomeJerk

I'm getting it launch or December because I want a visual showpiece of a full on game for my PS4.

Then I watched this story trailer.

Knack might have to wait until December, if I can only get one title at launch.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Screw the haters, Killzone 2 was amazing despite the ending and the multiplayer was top-notch.

Posted by Nicked

I've never played a Killzone game, but this seems really cool. I feel like Shadow Fall's getting short shrift since it's a shooter, but it looks impressive to me--granted, I don't play a lot of shooters.

I wonder if the close ups will become a trope in other games as a means to show off performance capture.

Posted by unangbangkay
Posted by Ltwood12

This looks really good!

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Screw the haters, Killzone 2 was amazing despite the ending and the multiplayer was top-notch.

Screw the haters I have never been let down by a Killzone game. The original was great at the time, 2 was amazing, 3 was just as good and had some awesome set pieces, Liberation was a fun PSP game and Mercenary is the best portable FPS ever.

Posted by BrunoTheThird

Yeah, screw 'em! I mean, no. They're good games, but come on.

This looks fun, interesting, and beautiful. I wasn't going to get it, but it seems like a good way to throw myself into next gen. If there was a bundle with this and AC4 for £400-£410, I'd bite.

Posted by Roundlay

Suddenly wanting a PS4 ಠ_ಠ

Posted by MeatSim

Maybe you shouldn't have invited the evil British space Nazis to live on your planet.

Posted by jimmyfenix

PS4....KILLZONE......November is going to be awesome!

Posted by rahulricky

Getting Killzone in an Amazon bundle (was the cheapest way to get 2 controllers and a camera with the console). Had intended to trade it in for Watchdogs *womp womp* or FIFA, but might stick with it now.

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Facial animations are very well done.

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This does look very interesting, but I'm kind of skeptical if they'll deliver on this premise. I think this story is just going to be reason for shooting stuff on the surface and will not amount to much more.

But I guess I'll see (play) it soon enough.

Posted by rusted3572

I can't see a video, only an image of batman telling me to grow up...

Posted by Sammo21

@mrfluke: nah, its a lot easier for Patrick to be snarky about it.

Posted by civid

The premise seems like it has a ton of potential, what with the Helghast fighting out of desperation whilst the ISA fights out of pride, and the actions you did in the last two games seem to be considered warcrimes at this point... Very cool indeed. Plus Killzone 2 remains one of the best FPS's of this generation and I really dig the new artstyle.

Posted by reelife

@meatsim: well they did perform a mass genocide on their planet, and if they say "we're not going to attack just let us live with you and there will be no retaliation" you can buy yourself some time before the eventuall war goes off again. Makes some sence.

Posted by Karamo

Can't watch on iPhone

Posted by Sackmanjones

I really love the feeling of the killzone games and while their story isnt great they do have some interesting back story. I feel like this gives good setup for an interesting tale and I hope they deliver. Also those graphics....damn. Gameplay is always over graphics but immersion is an important part of games for me and something this pretty could definitely suck me in to the world.

Edited by BrunoTheThird

The gameplay always felt like it could be a lot more interesting to me. It being an FPS, perhaps I'm unfair to say, "It should be a game-changer or nothing," but this looks like there are whole, significantly large sections where you don't fire a single shot. A lot of modern shooters could learn from taking subtle approaches to the mechanics every now and then, in my eyes.

For once, a Killzone game might just satisfy most FPS lovers on multiple levels. That would be a fantastic achievement; we'll see.

Posted by MildMolasses

@sammo21 said:

@mrfluke: nah, its a lot easier for Patrick to be snarky about it.

What snark? Like a lot of people, he wasn't that interested in another Killzone game and he's saying this has piqued his interest

Posted by Humanity

Alright Killzone alright, you got my attention. More story is a good thing.

Posted by AMyggen

@sammo21: There's literally no snark in what Patrick wrote here. Some people just like to complain about nothing, I Guess.

The launch lineup doesn't interest me for any of the consoles, so I'm waiting a few months until I buy a PS4. But this looks pretty cool - hope it's good!

Posted by project343

I love the way this game looks. I'll probably buy it for the visual feast alone.

Posted by PapaLazarou


Edited by Krakn3Dfx

Love the mythology of the Killzone series, the internal political and religious struggles of people has always appealed to me more than human vs. alien. This looks really good, I had promised myself I wasn't going to pre-order any games, but this trailer is making it hard to stand by that promise.

Posted by phantom_3d

being British im not bothered by British space Nazi thing British we make good enemies due too are cunning and never surrender attitude. i just know if it was American space Nazi you all be in fuss and complain.

Posted by TheKing

I know it's cool to hate on Killzone. But this looks great.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Because you saw civil unrest without action, and action with atmosphere in the underground. This trailer shows elements from things like human revolution and metro in contrast to the Sony conference showing of action, action, more action.

Posted by mrcraggle

I never played the original but 2 was genuinely a good game. It just got a lot of hate because it didn't play like CoD so they changed it to play like CoD in KZ 3 but got more hate because of how CoD it was. I'm actually excited to see more from this game after this trailer.

Posted by MadJ

Well, since this is now the only game I'm picking up with my PS4...looks like I won't be disappointed.

Posted by NL_Buddha
Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Yes, Yes, pls.

Posted by Protome

being British im not bothered by British space Nazi thing British we make good enemies due too are cunning and never surrender attitude. i just know if it was American space Nazi you all be in fuss and complain.

Being Scottish, English space nazis just makes it easier to hate them ;)

(I kid, I kid)

Posted by SSully

Looks fantastic visually. I enjoyed all the killzone games(despite the shitter of a story in 3), so I am looking forward to this

Posted by andrewf87462

Wow, this looks awesome, really can't wait to get my hands on it. The facial animations look really sweet.

Edited by impartialgecko

They've got me. Killzone always had a great aesthetic and if they combine that with a half-decent story then count me excited.

Edited by believer258

I really hope they can deliver on the premise they've set up. It sounds great.

Then again, Guerilla games have never had an issue with great ideas. It's their execution that has always fallen flat, especially in terms of story.

Edited by Hashbrowns

I found Killzone 2 to be a dreary, not-as-good-looking-as-you'd-think, passable shooter from a mechanics point of view. No, it doesn't have to "play like CoD" but then again I don't instantly equate accurate, smooth controls exclusively with CoD, nor do I think sloppy, sluggish controls should be accepted as an artistic choice.

As for visuals; try this sometime: Go to the mission select screen of Killzone 2 and try to pick a memorable mission only from the thumbnail image (other than that ONE desert mission). Trying to tell one dark, murky level from the next dark, murky level is virtually impossible.

And of course there was Rico.

I passed on Killzone 3 due to the fact I never played through Killzone 2 more than once. I wanted it to be good, but it had all the same restrictive and limited play-space problems of CoD but with a far less responsive and satisfying feel, and utterly oppressive visual design.

I say all that to preface this: Killzone: Shadowfall looks fantastic from a visual, fiction and, most importantly, a gameplay perspective. The developers talking about "combat bowls" of dynamic combat encounters smacks of the glory days of 2001 when Halo CE's "sandbox" shooter design set my standard for proper shooters. And so very few shooters have come close to emulating that degree of perpetually replayable shooter encounters. It's a delicate mix of AI and level design that most AAA shooters almost never attempt, and when they do are less than successful (Bioshock Infinite being a flawed but noble attempt).

Killzone: Shadowfall looks like a radical departure from the rest of the series, and that is great news.

Edited by MEATBALL

I really liked Killzone 2 and loved the multiplayer, it just had a really different feel to anything else on the market and I really enjoyed it.

Shadowfall is looking the most interesting Killzone has ever looked, here's hoping it's great.

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