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Looking forward to trying it out for myself.

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I've been in the beta for a long time now and it's not super great. I come back every few months and give it a couple hours, but I never stay long. The levels are all basically corridor crawls where you fight robotic enemies that either hide on rooftops or rush directly at you. Ammo is severely limited and health and armor get chewed through in a matter of shots, so you need teammates who will use their class abilities to resupply and heal/repair fast and often.

It relies on cooperation so heavily to the point where random online play is kind of a huge bummer, if not completely impossible to win due to team make up, the game is kind of bland and samey throughout, and the enemy AI fluctuates between dumb as rocks and 12 year old counter-strike aimbotter.

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Ahhhh that name is the fucking greatest WARFACE!!

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Let me see your war face!

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Hey alex there is another Assassins creed trailer out. I am waiting for my weekly saturation Mr Navarro!

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Yeah... a true war face :D

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I'd like to think the initial pitch involved two nervous businessmen re-enacting the Full Metal Jacket scene, and one of them broke down crying. That's how I want this game to have been made.

And from personal experience, it is the most generic F2P shooter I have played in a long time. I feel bad for the people who will be roped in by the graphics.

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Is getting Warfaced the new headshot?

"Yo, dawg!! You just got WARFACED for free!!!!"

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There all wearing helmets, they must all be too shy to show off their Warfaces.

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I didn't see any Warfaces in the trailer. In fact, I only saw two faces at all. Sunglasses Faces.

Now if the game was called "Motorcycle Bike Helmet Face", this trailer would be more accurate.

Actually, I think I like that name more than Warface.

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Tried the beta a while back. Was not impressed. Also its worth noting you have to download some crazy 3rd party app called... Wait for it! Gface.

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I assume Alex hasn't heard of Bravely Default.

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Anything not Nintendo related right now ill take.

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Seriously, who isn't checking the grammar on these subtitles?

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This game isn't doing anything different than the hundreds of free-to-play shooters on PC. People need to do something that stands out.


fantastic title, thanks alex

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The trailer is meh : P

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Hahaha awesome headline.

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from the folks who brought you GUY MEN: PEOPLE OF WAR

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