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Posted by Haklin

Greatest couch ever.

Posted by Gunner612

Dave seems like someone id like to drink a beer with...

Posted by Vager

We will whisper you to no end now. lol

Posted by Designer0

i want Redbull

Posted by NarcolepticBat

dave seems like someone who would kick me off his website...

Posted by breton

Really just gave out your user names? Brave souls.

Posted by bjorno

Brad grew a beard and a hat, and vinny got fat and grew a goatee.

Posted by Joker

Symmetrical ftw?

Posted by Gunner612

"Brad grew a beard and a hat, and vinny got fat and grew a goatee."
and risk cutting off those perfect sideburns? nah.

Posted by twosided

I absolutely agree that MMO's should incorporate an 'abilitease' phase early on.  Make it a quest, or a lucid dream, or whatever contorted cannonical explanation required to allow me to see my character at Level Badass.  I acknowledge that the concern of overwhelming a new player is very real, but it seems only fair that a game that's asking you to pay for the privildge of investing hundreds of hours should allow you to test-drive the high level mechanics.


Posted by Aether

The game has been fun so far. I pretty much agree with the point of just needing the same but different world to explore. So in that respect the game is just what im looking for.

Posted by Terrell

I don't understand how that one guy has so much hair on his face... I mean seriously? he needs to clean that up or something... Hopefully his parents yell at him for not shaving

Seriously gamers...you dont HAVE to look like a bum!

Loved the video by the way...

Posted by I2v2nr20I

You guys should get on the podcast sometime.

Posted by MasterSplinter

Nice Kings bling Dave!

Posted by Spacetrucking

Any chance of a full review in the near future ?

BTW Dave, I made exactly the same mistake (of jumping off the castle in the Orc starting zone). =p

Posted by TomA

there kool

Posted by CleverLoginName

So many acronyms.

Posted by jakob187

If anyone wants to check the game out without having to pay for a copy yet...because I don't think there are any other ways to get a trial account...just head to your local gaming center that is affiliated with iGames.

They are offering 7-day free trials that can be switched over to a full account.  I only know that because we're offering at the gaming center I work at.

You're welcome.  So far, I'm lovin' the game, although I'd be lovin' it a million times more if I could be a Hammerer or a Choppa...but Marauder is workin' out just fine.

I'm definitely quittin' WoW, I know that much.
Posted by ThomasP

Awesome. It's great to see Snide and Andy weigh in on some game.

Posted by imayellowfellow

no crazy edits on this vid either

Posted by Crono

Ohh yeah RvR ftw haha oh and yeah the public quests rock.

Posted by Player1

I propose Snides new nickname to be Bearded Thunder. 

Posted by ethan

Ugh I hate these guys. 

Posted by ProsaCC

Interesting input guys!

Posted by Razor

Andy needs to loosen up and RELAX bro, I've done plenty of presentations and I know all about getting nervous in-front of a class/auditorium.  Good input, but the video could have been more entertaining with in-game footage.  Also, as other people have mentioned, I'd really like to listen to both of your inputs on current topics being discussed on the BOMBCAST. 

Posted by Terra1909

Great video guys. I don't think it needed any editing or anything like that. I like just listening to informed people talk games. Is Red Bull a sponsor now?

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

mixing it up with impressions from giant bomb staffers- I like it!

Posted by Smersh

Nice work guys, good to hear some impressions by those 'into' the MMO genre. I might even give WH a spin if they release a trial... any know if there is a trial and if so, whats the specs required on this puppy?

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

dave and andy seem like some pretty down to earth nerds. they should have a spot on the bombcast.

Posted by Irishjohn

That was pretty cool.  These are our guys for MMOs from now on!

Posted by elektrixx

Jeez, Snide. Your beard is HORRIBLE.

Posted by xxNBxx

Thanks guys.

I for one am happy with it not being the normal review staff,  lets face it non of those guys like MMOs that much.   They play things for a week and thats it. 

Posted by spelis

Nice video!

Posted by Sanj

Cool, i'm happy it's not the normal crew all the time. And you guys did a great job.

Posted by AaronBelfast

Wow I did not know that was Snide.

Posted by MattBodega

Look at these guys talking about design aspects like the "account management system". That's awesome. Programmers/designers talking programsdesign. Totally awesome.
It's great that you are getting the guys upstairs on camera! Dave and Snine are awersome and totally sweet.
And Snide likes Troika games, which is awesome/funny.

Posted by Kohe321

Hehe awesome video. The game sounds radical, I'm getting it this week.

Posted by HazBazz

You guys seem pretty comfortable in front of the camera, you should do stuff like this more often

Posted by TheVilrak

Good video, wanted some info about WOAR =)

Posted by floodiastus

Pothead MMORPG people unite :D

Posted by Derios

Snides beard makes me uncomfortable.

Posted by Captain_Fookup

if I had time to play a MMORPG again i would and be sucked right in hah.

Posted by mrfluke
its good that these guys are getting some screentime i mean these are the people responsible for building giantbomb not coming up with the idea that was gerstmann all the way :D
Posted by Risby

This should be in the podcast. If doing a video like this next time, show game footage.

Posted by joslop500

Great video, but maybe you should put some gameplay next time.

Posted by YoungBuck

can we get a download option?

Posted by DavidLeeRoth

Yah, I did that whole "jumping into water" thing too and was surprised when i died.

Posted by DanneDanger

We need more updates from these nerds in the future, bring 'em back sometime!

Posted by Luberik

that's one heck of a beard, I think you should give it a name. Giant BeardBomb or something.

Posted by bornagain888

Love the campy dark woodgrain paneling and plaid coach. It all screams thrift store.

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