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Maybe I should renew my subscription now...
Posted by Dane

I love GaintBomb.com

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Kinda sounds like Darkness Falls from Dark Age of Camelot(another Mythic title).

Posted by Bunnyman

Have not played. Kicked the wow-monkey a year ago and won't risk replacing it. Glad they seem to be doing ok though.

Posted by Jared

Hmmmm, game looks pretty cool but I can play one MMO at a time...LOTRO is mine!

Posted by GioVANNI

Meh, WAR is alright. 

WoW is much more 'entertaining'.

Posted by soitb
The beard is back for E3 CONFIRMED!!!
Posted by Hoursofbs

ya....WAR cool

Posted by Crono

This sounds like an awesome addition.  I only played WAR for about 2 months.  Was a lot of fun but I just think I have had my fill of MMOs for awhile.

Posted by omgJOHN
@GioVANNI: I think that's very subjective. I found WoW boring as hell and have had tons more fun on WAR. Mostly due to the RvR stuff which I don't think would really appeal to the average WoW player.
I think it really depends on what your looking for in a game.

I like competition, which is what WAR is basically built around, so it's suits me better.
Posted by NoXious

Couldn't stand WAR, choppy animations - pet classes being really bad due to animation lag and what not. Live events were fun though, but I'd rather stick to WoW or heck - EVE!

Posted by giyanks22

Good interview brad...

Posted by MeatSim

No more medieval fantasy MMO's for me.

Posted by Kazona

Tried WAR, didn't like it. And I really tried hard to like it. So as cool as these live events sound, I doubt that they offer anything that's going to make me change my mind. Good to know they're still kickin' though.

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The dude used way too many "game" words so, as someone who never played Warhammer Online,  I didn't really know what he was talking about. RvR? Tier 4? Rank 40? What?

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Looks cool, I play Warhammer the table top game, maybe I should get into this, but I heard someone was working on a 40.000 one, so I'll wait for that. 

Posted by Kohe321

WAR was a letdown. So many broken promises...

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Wait...the servers are still up? Last time I checked it seemed as if every server was almost empty.
Played the game for about two months but it got really boring really fast. My main problem with the game was that there was nothing to do as you tried to grind your way to the level cap; you could do 'RvR' but the classes were so unbalanced that if you chose the wrong one you were basically screwed. Doesn't look like they're changing anything; you still have to be at the level cap to have any fun. I'll stick with WoW.

Posted by ADDTasty

Yeah, I'll jump on the WAR sucks bandwagon.

Posted by piropeople13

They aren't free DLC, you paid for them with subscriptions!  Silly Brad =P

Posted by Intrepid

I've got a 40 Witch Hunter in their server hanging around.  I eventually quit it when I realized it was leading to the same end game approach as WoW.  The RvR component was fun though.

Posted by ToxicFruit

Maybe i should go back to war it was so empty when it started has that changed at all ?

Posted by Reverseface

I'm done with MMO's for now, i'll wait for star wars: the old republic. ^.^;

Posted by jakob187

Giant Bomb Origins: Coca-Cola Chugging

Posted by ChocolateCoffin

Needs more Carrie.

Posted by Myrmidon

It's battle of the beards!

Posted by Duck44

Dudes ears are dirty...

Posted by Lazyaza

Still saddens me I had more fun with the War glitchtastic beta than I did the retail game. I made a handful of characters, got one of them to 20 and then lost total interest all in the space of the week it launched.

Posted by rateoforange

What if they held a war and nobody came?

Posted by James89

Sounds promising.

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I have to say, if I were to play an MMO, it'd be WAR.

And they sure can chug some coke.
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Man, there must be a shortage of razors in that part of the country.

Would care for this game if it was WH40k. Why bother with a WoW competitor?
Posted by Media_Master

Brad looks prickly