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Posted by EdgeZero

I really liked Gauntlet Legends in the arcades, and thought that different colors giving entirely different models for your character was neat (yellow wizard wast he best). Hopefully this can live up to that lofty standard.

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Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard and... ELF-- Wait what!?

Posted by KennyBhoy

Takes me back to my C64 days!

Posted by FieryPayne

Man, did my fiends and i log many an hour on some gauntlet. This is looking interesting. has a lot of diablo 3 feeling to me. Ill keep an eye on this one.

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The Magicka guys? Alright, yeah. Sure.

Posted by CynageN

I will play this video game.

Posted by saxmusician20

I have no idea how many quarters I poured into the original in the arcades. I love this series. Great to hear they are bringing it back. I may be wrong, but I feel almost every pizza place had a gauntlet arcade machine and the elevator action game in it. If you were a pizza place in the 80's/early 90's you are required to have those two games.

Posted by Jeff

I don't know. Looks kinda cool, but every time they try to reboot Gauntlet it just comes across as a thin concept. The Magicka team seems like the right crew for it, though.

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From the Magicka guys? I'm listening...

Posted by flasaltine

Hopefully it will involve lots of random button combinations.

Posted by VonSoot


Posted by redwing42

Will they talk in fake Swedish? Either way, I'm in.

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I love me some Gauntlet !!!

Ok, while I will definitely play this, Forced was a really really good stop-gap for couch co-op in the mean time.

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Very awesome. Here's to hoping that the tile set they showed in the video isn't the only variation.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Huh. Interesting. Arrowhead sure is (or must have been) busy, with both this and Helldivers coming up this summer.

Out of any devs they could have had reboot this franchise, Arrowhead makes a lot of sense. They sure have a type of game they like to make!

Posted by HammondofTexas

Gauntlet. Sold. Developed by the makers of Magicka. SOLD.

Posted by Rasgueado

Ahem... I am definitely ready for this game. =)

Posted by Dagbiker

Looking at this, i did not realize how much diablo was just Gauntlet, and how much i hated Gauntlet because by the time i found the key there was no hope of me ever getting it to any fucking door.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

Pretty smart of Warner Bros. to reach out to the Magicka team for this. Hopefully this is indicative of them looking to match some of those classic Midway properties to teams where it makes sense, rather than just try to pump something out with a recognizable brand name and new graphics.

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Here. Have my money.

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Never been a big fan of the Gauntlet series, but if anyone can do this right it's these guys.

Posted by Sledgemeyers

Why does everything have to have blood in it nowadays? It seems so unnecessary. Doesn't even really help or indicate anything. Especially when they could probably bump the rating down without it.

Game still looks pretty rad.

Posted by Spitznock

I saw "new Gauntlet" and got excited. I saw "makers of Magica" and that excitement diminished. I'll see how it turns out.

Posted by trowa_S

I really wish I could have finished the original, dam that second tape not working!

Posted by RecSpec

Gauntlet IV was one of the games that I got with my first Genesis, and I've loved the series ever since, even if playing the newer ones was a sad experience. I was expecting a throwaway game, but if the Magicka folks are working on it I might be optimistic about this.

Posted by PazDaemon

@spitznock: I wasn't a big fan of Magicka myself, but have you seen the recent Quicklook EX of Helldivers, by the same dudes? I have major faith it's gonna rock.

Posted by MatthewSerious

@kawiji: Yep. That's the original line-up.

Wow, it's been 9 years since Seven Sorrows. Guess a new take on this is due.

Posted by Vuud

Who asked for new Gauntlet? If you wanted knew Gauntlet get your priorities straight. You're probably on drugs.

Posted by Rotnac

Sweet. I used to spend hours with friends playing Gauntlet Legends. Hopefully this can deliver on the same amount of local MP fun. Not sure how the enjoyment would hold up if it would have online MP.

Posted by TDot

man seven sorrows was such a piece of garbage. This is probably the right time for a new gauntlet, hopefully it's good.

Posted by Zirilius

Pretty sure Elf used to be a class back in the old days of D&D. Might be misremembering though.

OT though I just got a little excited for it.

Posted by Catsim

I'm surprised the title wasn't "Warner Bros Is Bringing Back Gauntlet... as a MOBA" as is the trend nowadays. The funny thing is so many games inspired by Gauntlet are out there now they're going to have to work a lot harder to stand out from the pack.

Posted by MrMazz

OK I'm interested in this if its the Magika team

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alright man! I liked most of the Gauntlets that came out. That NES game was pretty neat for the time.

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Perspective is a little too zoomed out in that video for my tastes. Still, love me some hack and slash. Never played Magika but I'm pretty hype for Helldivers.

Edited by postal_pat

Loved this game on the Spectrum - I used to keep the little rubber keyed wonder on for weeks while playing this in co-op. Once I upgraded to a +3 I bought Gauntlet 2 on 3" disk - now that was the future no more multi-loads from tape.

Posted by 20ozmonkey

I was just thinking about this yesterday for some reason...

I just hope it has the theme song in it.

Posted by CornBREDX

I'm ok with who's developing this and Gauntlet coming back and all that but in this video it looks too much like Diablo. My memory recalls it having distinct differences so... hmm... we'll see.

Posted by Wandrecanada

Loved Dark Legacy so much... I still mourn the loss of that game as a (good) genre. Blue Valkyrie will return someday.

Posted by Corevi

i hope there is an online enabled version of the original in the game aswell

Edited by Abendlaender

Gauntelt and Arrowhead go so well together, I'm almost angry about it

Posted by INANTP

This is maybe the smartest possible thing they could have done with the Gauntlet license.

Posted by Rastopher

I dunno man...all the characters having projectile attacks was kind of a Gauntlet thing and this game doesn't have that. How are the melee characters supposed to shoot the food before the elf can steal it again and piss everyone off?! This could very well be a good game, but they have some convincing to do for me before I'm on board.

In short, looks potentially good, but doesn't give me a Gauntlet feeling.

Posted by DevourerOfTime

"Warner Bros. Is Bringing Back Gauntlet"

Ehhh... wasn't really that big of Gauntlet fan. Maybe if it's interesting enoug-

"Developed by the makers of Magicka, and coming in 2014."

... you know what? Sure. Why the hell not. I could see that working. Consider me interested.

Edited by Stimpack

@jeff: If anyone can do it. Seems like it could be beneficial for both parties. Local co-op seems to be making a stand lately.

Edited by Arkasai

MMM I like food.

Edited by Random45

Here's hoping it's not a nigh-unplayable buggy mess on release.

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Play it.

Posted by Megasheep

I had Gauntlet Dark Legacy on the Xbox and was really sad when they didn't made it backwards compatible on the 360. Good news to me!

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