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Wiki page it is.

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Ah, Midway. What a memorable clusterfuck.

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Tapper AND Smash TV!? Did they compile this especially for Ryan and Jeff?

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Arcade Origins huh? You could probably burn through all those games in one sitting I bet so no thanks.

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Looks like a good selection to me.

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I would play a new Voxel-based Spyhunter game.....

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Fuck I used to love Tapper.

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I've noticed something about Spy Hunter. It's just not as much fun when you're not whipping around that awesome sci-fi wheel to knock dudes off the road. That said, this seems pretty great.

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I would probably buy this JUST for Marble Madness.

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"Risk my life to save Midway ? NEVER ! Fuck this place !"

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Nostalgia is fun. The sound of the coin, and the 8-Bit graphics made my day.

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Quick, someone make a comparison list with midway arcade treasures 1-2-3, I think I already have all of these games in a compilation format.

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@JamesJeux007 said:

"Risk my life to save Midway ? NEVER ! Fuck this place !"

I basically clicked on this article to make sure this was already said. I'm glad someone was on it.

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I was sad that Cal Extreme didn't have a functional Smash TV this year and I missed getting the XBL version, so I am straight buying this. Also Tapper, cause fucking Tapper son.

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No 1941 or 1942? Disappointed, but I'll still get it.

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I read the wiki while listening to the music.

I'm the winner!

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oh goodie, not the 90s stuff, more of the early 80s era. Reminds me how fun it was.

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I'm probably in on this. Midway made some damn good arcade games.

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@gonzotgreat23: Capcom.

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But uh...no Gauntlet: Dark Legacy?

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No Paperboy and Roadblasters!? Profound sadness!!!

It's also missing Klax, Splat!, Vindicators and Blaster from Arcade Treasures 1, but replaces them with APB, Arch Rivals, Xenophobe, Wizard of Wor, Xybots, Pit Fighter, Championship Sprint, Cyberball 2072, Gauntlet 2 and Total Carnage from Arcade Treasures 2. Super Off-Road is from Arcade Treasures 3.

I have Arcade Treasures for Original XBox, which unfortunately isn't backwards compatible with the 360, so I'll probably be picking this up. Also: Warner Bros, if you're reading this, can I have Spy Hunter (2001) and SF Rush The Rock/2049 on XBLA plz? kthx.

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But what does Hawkman have to say about this?

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This sounds like it would have been much better off on XBLA or PSN. Still it sounds like a pretty decent collection and I am looking forward to being able to play Smash TV at home (besides the SNES port).

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Are you pumped for some Joust, Jeff?

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I want a new Smash TV.

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Satan's Hollow, Robotron, and Sinistar: now THOSE are some game-ass games.

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If it's 20 bucks, it's mine.

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Not really into the collections thing. I get a boatload of games, 2 maybe 3 will ever get any attention.

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This is actually a pretty decent looking collection, by disc collection standards. I'm so used to like 6 games on these things, that 30 for 30 bucks seems pretty great.

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This would have been perfect for a VITA title. Come on!

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As much as I loved midway the games that I would want to play most, Smash TV & Robotron, I already got on xbla before they were taken down. But if I can find this for 10 bucks or less, a point most of these retail collections eventually reach, I will most likely pick it up. Also where is my Cruzin' USA and Rush?

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Look at all those voxels!

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@SupernormalStep said:

I would probably buy this JUST for Marble Madness.

Oh man, I sort of agree. Endless hours sitting in front of the TV playing Marble Madness with my best childhood friend.

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Huh I didn't realize Warner owned the rights to the midway name and trademark too

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How much? Is it disc-based or downloadable?

It better be cheap and downloadable! For evidence to why, just watch the old Game Room Quick Looks.

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Backbone is developing it? ehh no thanks

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Everything you know is wrong.

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You had me at Sinistar.

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Isn't this what released on iOS several months ago? Wouldn't mind if it was as cheap! =]

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I think this has more to do with almost having to release this stuff so that it doesn't become public domain and they can retain proper intellectual property rights of it more than anything.

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Midway.... They're no Taito.

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If i can buy the game with arcade tokens then I am in.

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No Mortal Kombat?

I played the fuck out of Midway Arcade Collection 2 on the original xbox, but in this new age of downloadable arcade titles, these collections seem more and more irrelevant.

However, if you could give me Midway Arcade Collection 2 with online play, I would be in.

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I am probably alone in this, but I would get this for Rampart and Rampart alone. However I already have the first 2 Midway collections for the Gamecube, so unless this is 20 bucks or less, I would be hard pressed to buy all of these games again. Especially when quite a few of them don't hold up.

If I still had to download this entire collection, instead of being able to cherry pick the ones that I want, I still would rather this be a download only release. I know it seems lazy and lame, but its rare that I find myself itching to play games like these, however if it didnt require a disk to play, I would be a lot more likely to spend time every now and then sifting through that list.

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I'm getting this one all right. Midway made some of the best arcade games ever. Here's hoping for Rampage: World Tour and some Mortal Kombat!

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Marble Madness

Pit Fighter



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Sounds pretty good but if it's $30 it's a bit too pricey for me. I could see $20-25, but not $30. Fun fact: my professor in one of my game design courses in Chicago a couple years back was actually the lead engineer on the original Spy Hunter.

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Now if only this game came with 3D voxel versions of all these games.

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@SupernormalStep said:

I would probably buy this JUST for Marble Madness.