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Looks like this could be alright.

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Inception-wannabe music really sucks.

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Looks kinda neat.

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Gears of Gravity

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@Filthierich is the man. Champion Tekken player turned Namco community manager.

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@VierasTalo said:

Inception-wannabe music really sucks.

it sounds more like bad transformers 3 wannabe music, which is bad inception wannabe music

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Bland, uninspired, ugly, bad bad bad bad, ugh. Looks like a 2006 game.

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This looks really gamey, which might not be too bad a thing.. might.

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Wow, a third-person shooter!

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Transformers 2 had the horn first. Just sayin'

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inFAMOUS, Psi-Ops, and Gears of War mashed together. It looks decent gameplay wise so far, as well as it runs smoothly.

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I feel sorry for the AI programmers... that shit be mad.

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Kind of reminds me of singularity. this could be cool.

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God I hate the guys narrating this.

Just cut a trailer and release it. Fuck.

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I like this game

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These guys are super serial and super excited about the stuff they are talking about, fo real.

There is a bit of a, kids just made a game feel to this trailer, hopefully it's good, and they aren't just pretending to be excited.

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nice retro lancer

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@PixelGorilla: and transformers stole that from inception

just sayin

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The gravity stuff looks interesting. I'll see what the reviews say.

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How did they steal it from a movie that came out after the fact? All I'm saying is, Transformer 2 trailers had it but Inception popularized it. It's still really shitty no matter who started it, however.

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The characters and that look pretty generic, but the gameplay looks like it has a lot of potential (so did Dark Void, so I'll obviously wait-and-see).
And I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm still not sick of people coppin' that BWWWAAAAAM.

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Looks terrible. The powers, the environments, character and enemy design, everything looks uninspired. That movable cover looks like it was ripped right out of Infamous 2. Even at a budget price I'd skip this.

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Looks ok. One thing I don't understand is WHY ARE THEY ONLY WEARING T-SHIRTS into battle? Wear a helmet! Maybe a bulletproof vest too?

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@PixelGorilla. That sound was in tf3 Trailer, I don't remember in TF2..
infact the composer from inception called out the TF composer if I recall
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Get your fix of off sounding Inception sound effect right here.