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My most anticipated WiiU Game this year. Cant wait to play it.

Posted by mlarrabee

Darn kids. Comin' on my lawn and being precious natural resources.

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Oh neat, it is narrated by Baltheir.

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If/when I get a Wii U I'll probably get this game. The sheer Super Sentai-ness of it is fantastic!

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When I buy a Wii U next year I will get this alongside Bayonetta 2 and X for sure.

Posted by Julmust

This looks pretty darn awesome.

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The aliens were just trying to do a reenactment of the movie Speed.

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Who thought a school-bus train was a good idea?

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I think this might be the game I'm most excited for this year. I kinda wish I hadn't heard the musical theme that accompanies the heroes in another video, fantastic.

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I played the demo of this yesterday at Comic Con and it was pretty fun. The whole drawing aspect for different weapons was neat but it was a bit chaotic on screen and difficult at times to know who you were controlling since you appear as just a mass of tiny figures

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Boy howdy I can't wait!

Posted by Knives

Definitely get a Viewtiful Joe vibe.

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Oh, P*, so glad you can do your wonderment for us some more.

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Shit dude, now I gotta get a WiiU...

Posted by spiralsin

Between this and Bayonetta 2, the Wii U is starting to look pretty good.

Posted by TaunT

This game looks cool I need to borrow a friends WiiU to play it on

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Can't go wrong with Platinum Games. Bound to be awesome

Posted by Xpgamer7

He just punched a school bus full of kids and then posed to show he saved them. That wasn't just me right?