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Posted by mrfluke

someone at ubisoft pays attention to jeff's tumblr it looks like.

Posted by Itwastuesday

well that's disconcerting

Posted by Winternet

Wait, what?!

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Awesome... This is at least the third time this has happened this E3. It's just too funny that it's in an actual video. You can't really just delete that like Sony and CDProject Red did.

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So Alex.... When do we sue for millions?

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Posted by BaneFireLord

@alex Are you guys going to contact Ubi about this?

Posted by Winternet

They were all like "What, Giant Bomb? They liked our game didn't they? Bah, put it on there, no one cares to look at this shit, anyway."

Posted by White

Time to finally make full use of CBS's legal department.

Posted by madmanmaple89

I think Jeff did give Ubisoft "Best Wi-Fi"

Posted by RuthLoose

@mrfluke said:

someone at ubisoft pays attention to jeff's tumblr it looks like.

Jeff casually stated on the Bombcast after E3 that Watch_Dogs was "probably" his Game of the Show. Weird that it isn't attributed to him and only him.

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Wait, they didn't fix that? Or was that another game...Witcher 3?

The crap?

Posted by blacklab

Maybe it was the Russian Giant Bomb?

Posted by eccentrix

You're Giant Bomb's Game of Show! You're Giant Bomb's Game of Show!

Posted by Masterherox

Huh. That's... is that quote farming? Is that what they're doing here?

Also, at that end bit where they show all the different boxes and systems it's on and what not, I find it... well, unfortunately, I don't find it that odd that the Wii U isn't mentioned.

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Jeff must be PISSED. He's really particular about this specific topic.

Posted by MormonWarrior

They misprinted it. It's actually gamebomb.ru.

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@white said:

Time to finally make full use of CBS's legal department.

Posted by Video_Game_King

And it's not like a lot of them sound any better. "Best Original Game - Machinima" (as opposed to best game game based on licensed material)? "Innovative" (how descriptive)? The game looks good, but the marketing doesn't.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

This game looks like sure-fire open world candy.

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Follow the money, the sites first 6 star review coming up.

Those guys at gamebomb.ru must be gutted their quote was misused.

Posted by Lab392

That's pretty messed up.

Posted by Cazamalos

that could be illegal

Posted by ch3burashka

I was under the impression that publishers needed explicit or some sort of verbal permission to use quotes this way.

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Featuring goth/punk dream girl and Rob Zombie as Harmless Hacker. Put this mask on kids! You're underground, yo!

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Love that right next to the Giant Bomb award Newsarama said "kick-ass" while below that they are quoted again as having said "most kick-ass hero."

Posted by Nicked

Don't know what specifically they're intending to cite for that award, but it's a pretty gross practice to basically falsify an award from an outlet. Maybe you could infer it from something Jeff said, but that's still a stretch. I can imagine a weasely little marketing guy grasping at every straw he can to be able to say the game won X awards.

Posted by papercut

That seems SUPER shady.

Posted by thehideousshrew

This is more funny than anything else, though I feel sorry for the PR guy who gets a chewing out over this.

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That is some weird shit

Jeff posted somthing on his Tumblr a few weeks ago, I tweeted at him cause CD Project also listed a GiantBomb Award on their website. What is going on?

Posted by Irvandus

That's really dumb. Someone take their wi-fi award back!

Posted by kalnet101

Seems like ubisoft literally knows how to hack sites.

Posted by Willza92

That is hilarious. Also devious.

Posted by csl316

Jeff said he liked it once, which apparently overrules everything.

Posted by two_socks

So when's this twitter fight going down, I'd like to mark it down on my calendar.

Posted by Swick

This pushes me towards the coveted "Not Buying" Award

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...into a game commercial.

Posted by zEyePawdz

Can I win a fake award too?

Posted by Nadafinga

Maybe it was said by someone verbally on one of the E3 podcasts, and they ran with it.

Posted by OleMarthin

i do know Jeff has mentioned that it was his game of show, but that's still stretching it a bit too far,

Posted by Stimpack

Fucking bullshit.

Posted by MrAngryEyes

Just wait until the next Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer:

"Giantbomb's Gamers Choice Award of Most Awesome Game That Gamer's Will Love and Will PWN Everything Else" - Giantbomb

Don't you guys remember that special E3 awards edition of the Bombcast?

Posted by paulunga

That's hilarious. Game looks great, though.

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Posted by MocBucket62

What the...

That's weird that they would use Giant Bomb for promoting a game by having a fictional award in the trailer. Giant Bomb never has Best of E3 awards!

Posted by Shimakaze

You get an exclusive aardvark with the limited edition?? SOLD!!!

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Wait. Was this game made in a porn studio?

Posted by Nezza

Ouch, poor old Wii U doesn't even get a mention on the pre-order splash screen. So a non-existant Giant Bomb award now exists but an entire games console doesn't?

At least I'm pretty sure that the Wii U exists or has someone from Watch Dogs hacked my brain into thinking that the pile of dust under my TV is actually a games console and stolen a couple of hundred quid from my bank account?

Posted by Eduardo_Padilla

Well you migth as well give them the award NOW.