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  The first 1:30 is what is like to get or miss getting the first post
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I like slime

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JESUS CHRIST ONE COMMENT AWAY. Anyways, I am always down for more Ghostbusters anything. It seems like a pretty cool concept to have an Alien Swarm-type Ghostbusters game, so needless to say, I'm getting this shit day one.

Posted by ma_rc_01

That ghost train is bitchin'!

Posted by wafflez

Looks pretty cool

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Posted by Rayeth

3/4ths of the development budget probably went to securing the rights to play that song.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Posted by Hackjob135

It just an't ghost busting if there isn't any trapping. Sad Sad face.  

Posted by ErrantElement

Kind of stoked since this reminds me of that old coin-op Ghostbusters arcade game. I'd hardly call it a 'classic' since hardly anyone remembers it anymore, but it was ok, if a little repetitive. 

Posted by buft
@Hackjob135 said:
" It just an't ghost busting if there isn't any trapping. Sad Sad face.   "
so true
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Big Ghostbusters fan and loved the other 360 game, this just seems lazy and unimpressive at first glance, will probably skip it depending on how much I like the demo.
I'm pretty content with 1 great Ghostbusters game anyway

Posted by Inzzy

So another Alien Swarm / Dead Nation "dual stick shooter", has this become a trend now or something?

Posted by jonnyboy

Guardian of Light was the best Tomb Raider game I've played in a while. I'm probably gonna give this a go and hope for the same thing.

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could be good for some local multiplayer

Posted by umdesch4

Hmmm...when the first 10 seconds and last 4 seconds of a 36 second video are all title/ratings/company logo screens, you know it's gonna be good.

Posted by KratosX

I think I speak for all of us when I say that busting makes me feel good.

Posted by JustinSane311

Bust'in Makes Me Feel Good!

Posted by DBoy

When the light is green, the trap is clean.

Posted by Xpgamer7

I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Posted by skrutop

Looks awful.   
Shh!!! Do you smell that?

Posted by tsolless

If this is like Luigi's Mansion, but Ghostbusters, I will buy it. That's all I want.

Posted by oldenglishC

When someone asks if you're a god, you say yes.

Posted by bowielee

It's like an update of the old Real Ghostbusters arcade game.

Posted by DJKommunist

Did you tell 'em about the twinkie?

Posted by MindChamber

lol, love how they spin around in place on the moving truck.

Posted by carlthenimrod

Looks kind of lame. It's not like you're actually busting ghosts. You're just shooting them to they die.

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@DBoy said:
" When the light is green, the trap is clean. "
Posted by MeatSim

Dual joystick shooter? meh. 

Posted by TheHakku

D'ah. Atari... come on, dudes. No need for this.