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Posted by tucah

Yay, Jar Time's up!

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Posted by Slow_pC

Its time to sit back and drink a little coco water and enjoy...

Posted by BrianP

He likes the jars with the boom, he once podcasted in a burger king bathroom

Posted by utamaru

heeeey everybody it's tuesday.

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yay jars

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WoooWeeee Jar Time!

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Jeff, you need to fix something with your microphone. Same thing happened during the Destiny vid. Random audio drops, etc.

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Hey... a Jar time...

Also you mic is still borked Jeff.

Posted by zipperface

Calling it, Jeff plays as alcoholic father Jar-Jar Drinks in the new star Wars

Posted by Ben_H

Yeah sound is kinda screwed up but I am pumped anyway. I like these videos a lot.

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A Shure pop filter. Jeff isn't fucking around.

Also, I think you've got a really overactive gate or something on the audio. It's clicking and taking a split second to kick in every time there's even a little break in your speech.

EDIT: Never mind, it just seems to be bad cables. What, your big shot friends at CBS won't give you new mic cables or something?!

Posted by Majkiboy

Thank you!

Posted by SecondHeartbeat

If you ever find yourself in need of another jar, Jeff, hit me up and I'll mail you my spare bedside jar.

Posted by Sil3n7

It's like the audio is late picking up for the first half a second you start talking

Posted by Phatmac

Audio sucks. :(

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

@mintyice said:

Jeff, you need to fix something with your microphone. Same thing happened during the Destiny vid. Random audio drops, etc.

Yeah, please do this!

Posted by The_Nubster

The mic seems to be making the audio skip. Bummer. But the quality is way better!

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The audio man.

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Yeah, the audio is still clipping.


Posted by Fattony12000

@Jeff duder, cut out all of those shit audio drops, son. Are you trying to run some kind of compressor, gate or levelling software/hardware through this thing? Because it's cutting out entire words and sentences, ya goof!

Posted by GraveyardPolka

Aw yeah, jar time!

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"Shooting people is cool" - Jeff Gerstmann, Giantbomb editor

Posted by NoobSauceG7

So the sound is messed up for everyone else right? It skips every so often just making it kinda listenable but awkward.

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boom jartime

Posted by DeeGee

That audio skip makes me want to claw my own face off it is so annoying.

Posted by CaptNCoke

Aww yeah Tegra and Bunny!

Posted by depecheload

Audio skipping again? No excuse for that this time.

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Seems just fiine to me. Jeff is not a person I bounce with always, but that is what makes his mini raps pretty interesting. I tend to listen to partials of these question answer video bits.

Posted by Winternet

I go boom, boom, boom, you go bam, bam, bam?

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Great video as usual Jeff! Probably worth checking that there's no compressors / limiters / gates being applied (either hardware or software based)? Just a noice cancelling feature with too high a threshold?

Audio's tough =/

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All the videos seem to not work great for me all the sudden, is anyone else having problems with it?

Posted by Wondeboy

does the audio get any better, or is it intermittent throughout?

Posted by Patman99

If I had to take a guess, it sounds that the audio drops generally happen when Jeff speaks quietly (or at least quiet for the mic). You can see this when he moves his head away from the mic and still tries to talk. On some words, it gets through clearly, on others it doesn't. This could mean that the gain has to be turned up a little bit. When I encountered a similar problem (slightly more random audio drops) was when the fuse on the mixing board blew up. I had to change the fuse and it worked a little better. Anyway, I could be totally wrong, I'm no microphonist.

Posted by Kaiserreich

This shit is unlistenable.

Posted by MildMolasses

I'm gonna bust a MOBA nut on some next gen consoles

Posted by CaLe

Everything is understandable. The audio clipping isn't nearly as bad as people are making out.

Posted by Catarrhal

Aww yeah Tegra and Bunny!

One other person got the reference. Nice.

Also, the correct spelling is "Tigra."

Posted by Lorbst

Things that make you go hmmm...

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

It's time for Giant Bomb to tap into that wrestling screenshot gold mine.

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Posted by tyler1285

Boy, this audio clipping stuff sure is JARring. Hahaha that's a bit of a joke for y'all duders.

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$50 webcam or $200 studio equipment, there's something about Jeff, his house and microphones.

I just remembered that the Bombcast earlier this year with skype calls etc was totally fine, audio wise. No drop-outs there.

Posted by kerse

@ravelle said:

All the videos seem to not work great for me all the sudden, is anyone else having problems with it?

Same here, I hit play and they just kinda fade darker and then that's it.

Posted by ErinIsADrunk

Bum Fights was not cool, Jeff.

Posted by wallofbricks

Sir you cannot board this flight with these boom jars.