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the wait is over!

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Oh, thank God!

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Be wary of Vinny and Brad.

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Huzzah, it's up!

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Finally! Been looking forward to this!

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I beat it, guys! It was good!

It took about 48 hours of play time, and that's with a good amount of exploration.

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Oh, happy day!

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AWESOME, Thnks Vinny for getting this up

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420 praise it

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Yaay! Part 2!

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Woo vinnysouls

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Thanks much for staying late for this!! Been looking forward to it all dayyy

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There is NO new information!

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Much praise upon Vinny!

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Is it weird I've been checking this site every 30 minutes since 1:30 this afternoon waiting for this? Thanks for getting it up! Praise the sun.

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I've been waiting so long for this.

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Man 30 minutes in. HOT DAMN

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Dat Brightness.

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"always want to burn one"

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oh my god, that boss. what the fucking fuck.

Spoiler alert: you lose the souls you get from a boss if you die soon after beating it

Happened to me on the rat vanguard

Edit: wait, the boss reset? What the fucking fuck. How come rat vanguard didnt reset for me?

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That ending hahaha

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I think we all shared a WTF moment when Vinny somehow managed to jump.

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Oh man, 3 days away and Dark Souls had completely left my mind. Maybe when all games stop coming out I can come back to it.

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What happens at 31:30... is priceless!

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What happens at 31:30... is priceless. Priceless.

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Haha, that reminded me that I didn't redeem that DLC armor and weapon set, and at this point there's no need to.

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Wow, the video quality dies when the spider webs come on screen.

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I saw this on the schedule from earlier today. Is it not a live video series? After 12:30 (central) it disappeared and there was no link on the site to watch.

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OMG that boss fight was incredible!!

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Oh God YUS!!!

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Better late than never.

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I'm the same level as Vinny but I only have 7 areas unlocked... I'm probably grinding too much... Anyways, soft cap for strength is 40 @brad.

Before level 40 strength goes up by 4 points per level. @vinny ADP should be at around 25 for builds like yours (and mine) because it increases the AGL stat to 100.

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The wait is over. Visions of love

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@vinny Your game is just fine duder. The Boss soul you are looking for is Freja, she wasn't the old one, the spot on the ground was the link to the soul of the old one, "the duke", you don't get an orange soul for that old one.

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So the thing Vinny was worried about at the end of his segment is a stupid graphical art thing where the boss soul of that area doesn't have the same inventory icon as the other big bosses at the end of an area. It still counts in the grand scheme of the plot as one of the Big 4 you have to defeat, but it looks like just another regular boss soul. It's really dumb.

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@vinny You get a boss soul from beating that boss, then you interact with what something that was glowing, and it says you embraced a great soul, but it doesn't go into your inventory, for whatever reason. Don't worry!

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I just reached that arrow trap in chest earlier today. I managed to survive it by rolling, but man was I hoping Vinny would open it without breaking the chest.

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@vinny For some reason Freja's soul looks like a normal boss soul in your inventory.

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40+ lifegems? What? I'm lucky if I ever have over 10, and I don't even use them that often.

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I didn't even knew that boss could do that. This game is amazing.

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i never saw that attack and that's great