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Posted by AlexanderSheen

Those were pretty good bad puns.

Posted by Morningstar

Until a steam sale, no thank you.

Posted by buft

are all if those quotes from previews?

Posted by PimblyCharles

aw man, I was waiting for them to quote Giantbomb and it never happened

Posted by Porkellain

As Italian, I never know if I should be offended by games like this one.

Posted by Nasos100

@buft: of course they are, the game reviewed like crap

Posted by TzarStefan

I will buy this when it's on steam sale for a reasonable price.

Posted by furtivespy

Do you think review writers rate games like this higher because of all the punny blurb possibilities? "Say hello to my little review"

Posted by I_smell

Wow I wonder how worthwhile it is for a game like this I've never heard of to release a boxed product for the Xbox.

Posted by MeatSim

Something, something Steam sale.

Posted by HeyImPhoenix

Steam sale = purchase