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Posted by chickendoughnut

Wait so does WET stand for something?

Edited by CrazedJoker

i AM WET!!!!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I feel so wet.

Posted by skilzlost

wow.. v wet.

Posted by Pavlo

thats dirty.

Posted by Reuben

The trailer was actually pretty good, Though the game does need more bonin'

Posted by Linksta888
@chickendoughnut: Naa, wet doesn't stand for anything, but the combination of title and video picture did get you interested, yes? I'm guna smile when I walk in gamestop and see her in a sweet action pose with the word WET on the cover.
Posted by imayellowfellow

kinda cool

Posted by Infneon
@chickendoughnut: The bumbled something about it being short for Wetwork
Posted by chililili

Tarantino called, he wants his uh... "everything" back

Posted by Zarackus

Looks like it's a over the top action game. Which I would be down for if the controls allow you to do that crazy stuff they showed in the trailer.

Posted by Rhyno
@CrazedJoker said:
" i AM WET!!!! "

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

You know what?

This is Oni...

And that is fuckin awesome

Posted by Reverseface

Let me clear up the confusion here it's called WET because............ Rubi's lady garden gets WET

Posted by Llyr


Posted by DECA555

best "product not yet rated" rendition ever.

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Well, somebody loved Grindhouse...

What's with those gun barrels at 1:13? What is that, like, 6 polygons? They look like refugees from an N64 game.

Posted by precog13

This game looks like a lot of fun, but I doubt I'll play it. Looks like a lot going on all at once. Still, looks like a great experience for those so inclined.

Posted by Andborn
@chililili: For sure.  Bestheda presents: Kill Bill.
Posted by giyanks22

My girlfriends mouth is wet...

Posted by yorro

Looks like a Quentin Tarantino Film

Posted by peerLAN

Looks made for awesome fun... the Quentin Tarantino inspiration is obvious, and that is great :D

Posted by Napalm


Posted by Zarile3

I really want this to be awesome, but I can certainly see this failing. Though, they could redeem themselves by adding a code for grindhouse mode. That would be awesome.

Posted by Scorched

insert wet joke here

Posted by TheGremp

This looks pretty awesome.  Graphics are meh, but the combat seems to make up for it.

Posted by ImperiousRix

That looks great.

Posted by ch3burashka

Looks like mindless fun.

Posted by Mrnitropb
It's like a dude was drunk in a bar, and QT was drunk there too, spouting off ideas and shit, and then yo talked to the dude, and used his cocktail napkin notes, and made a game off it.
Posted by TheMustacheHero

Totally reminds me of No more Heroes for some reason.

Posted by ghostNPC

Combat looks fun as hell.

Posted by Kyle

Looks good, but a Fall release is a big mistake for this one.

Edited by Artemis_D

I thought this game was just silly at first, but you know what?  This game just looks like good ol' action movie style fun.  I'm down.

Posted by zityz

looks fun, i'll end up adding it to the already growing list

Posted by GeekyrBossMan

Is this for the Wii, cause the graphics looked pretty bad, maybe it was the grindhouse treatment the trailer gave it.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Man, that looks neat. I'll have to pick it up someday!

Posted by Deusoma

Hmmm. Honestly, I think this would be a hell of a lot more unique if the entire game was in that crazy one-colour-per-object visual you see at around 0:55, which I'm guessing is actually reserved for some kind of Super mode which you have to charge up a meter for by (let me think) killing dudes.

Posted by Spacetrucking
@yorro said:
" Looks like a Quentin Tarantino Film "
Exactly! Its looks a lot like Kill Bill to be specific.
Posted by fox01313

Love the grindhouse look to it & despite what some might say, she looks wickedly freaking hot.

Posted by MeatSim

Looks pretty cool but will see how it plays.

Posted by The_Tolman

its like a kill bill video game.

Posted by death_and_drek

Is it just me or does this game look incredibly ugly? 

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Posted by Nasar7
@death_and_drek: It's prob still really early.
Posted by DannyJ

Man Jaw!

Posted by Cday

Max Payne meet Mirror's Edge

Posted by JCGamer
@chililili said:
" Tarantino called, he wants his uh... "everything" back "
Yea--the "grindhouse" thing has been done to death nowadays.
Posted by Maxszy

Well if it controls well it could be fun.

The graphics definitely look sub par. Those gun barrels were horrid looking.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

The graphics are meh.

Posted by ApertureSilence

I am really enjoying the Grindhouse aesthetic to this.

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