Posted by Sweep
@CL60 said:
" @Sweep said:
" It looks interesting but the voice acting is fucking terrible. That was the worst Yoda voice I have ever heard. The characters all sound like they just fell out of a saturday morning cartoon. "
ARGH, can we stop saying it's Yoda? My god. It's the same damn voice actor and same character from KOTOR. Seriously I don't understand these complaints about how the voice acting is garbage and all of these complaints when they are the same goddamn voice actors from KOTOR.  /vent. "
Your first mistake is in assuming that everyone has played KOTOR. I haven't, so I don't have that context to draw from, and to my ears that voice sounds completely unsuitable. 
You should also consider that if so many people are complaining then maybe there really is a problem. Jarring voicework can completely ruin any atmosphere a game is trying to create. It's subjective - If you think it sounds ok then that's fine, but you can't correct someones opinion on a voice any more than you can correct someones taste in music. If it doesn't sound right then it doesn't sound right.
Posted by Elusionar

When i play a starwars game, i want to lose my self in the world, in the fiction and the music. The general chat will probably destroy that imersion with WoW conversation, gold sellers, power lvlers and all that mmo bulshit.

Posted by Tobbi

Wish I had a better computer to play this game. Hopefully they'll make a 360 version.