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EDIT: Guess not.  What the hell?

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EDIT: DAMN YOU! This is far closer than I ever figured I would get. 

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Didn't we already get a video with this hypothetical question in it? 
Edit; It's titled  

What Is a Flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

But it's linked to Dissidia, this make brain am hurting.
Posted by Darkerkamikaze


Posted by PolyesterPimp

if you say first you'll always be last

Posted by SpaceGandhi

Title of video is "What is a Flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic." Dave, save us from this great evil!

Posted by JeanLuc

Oh you guys!

Posted by Nightlight


What Is a Flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

 Nooooooooooooooooooo! :)
Posted by Brad

Fixed the headline. Thanks, Safari auto-complete!

Posted by fuzzy510
@PolyesterPimp: *facepalm*
Posted by ChristianCastillo

Mad Japanese

Posted by Jeffsekai

God dammit this is retarded.

Posted by Landon

Really liked the first Dissidia.

Posted by ZeroCrescent

Gilgamesh fights again!

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damnit final fantasy! stop making your action based games portable. and stop making your stragie games on the consoles!  
also why is tidus naked?
Posted by AURON570

Dishitia Duodeshum, that's what I heard at the end. =S

Posted by hagridore

Dissidia 2 would have been too obvious.

Posted by TimothyWessel
@ZeroCrescent:  I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hope your right, cause right around the end of the video I said aloud, No new bad guys? And then it ended, and I read this comment, and agree.
Pissed there are no 5, and 6 heroes joining the fray..
Posted by powerpc127

I know Dissidia Duodecim! That's the thing I use to find things in the library. The Duodecim system, or something.

Posted by doe3879

this would have been my dream game back when I was 16

Posted by Chris2KLee

Had fun with the first one, might give this one a try to.

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Lightning was a lame character. Would have liked to see Zell from VIII. But I would give it all away for a Marvel Vs Capcom style square enix game. Or Smash Bros.
And they need to fix the fact that the story is lame as fuck. And the overall gameplay is really not that good. Non-diehards need not apply.

Posted by XenoNick

Liked Dissidia alot so will pick this up.

Posted by masterherocard

I would have preferred Vivi to Laguna, but hey, i guess every game can't get two characters.
On a side note, could that be Gilgamesh at the end there?

Posted by ZeroCrescent
@TimothyWessel: They might as well confirm it. A topic over at NeoGAF showed some character artwork extracted from the demo they released, and Gilgamesh was among it, along with all of the other playable characters.
Posted by AngelN7

This game is going to be awesome, hell Im not even a Final Fantasy fan but I liked the first game so much is still is one of the best and must fun for the PSP , people complaing about the story like really why?, this is a fighting game first an RPG second the story should only be an excuse to put all this characters in one world , is pointless to complain about Story in fighting game when really the gameplay is what´s important

Posted by Xpgamer7

Final Fantasy logic. Light will always fight darkness which makes shadows that hide in light until light is extingushed so they can rule the land. But light is hiding in the dark and begins again.

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So, is this a sequel or an updated release, like Super Street Fighter IV? I guess it really doesn't matter, story is hardly important anyway. I might pick it up,  the first was a decent time sink during the summer.
Wait, they're bringing in Vaan? Why? Wasn't he useless in 12? Why not bring in Bosch, or Balthier?

Posted by PerfidiousSinn
@Beforet: They're putting in Vaan because Square Enix hates their fans.
Posted by Deusx

SAINT SEIYAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Posted by nERVEcenter
@Redharlow: Considering we've already got Super Mario Sports Mix, I think a Final Fantasy vs. Smash Bros. shouldn't be too far behind. That'd be a pretty damn awesome game.
Posted by Jasta

If its just more of the first Dissidia then I'll be more than happy, that FMV sequence at the end made me wet myself.

Posted by type_zero

Haven't played the first one but it could be worth giving it a shot. although that was kinda a lame chaos , shoulda stuck with Vincent Valentine who cares if it follows whatever crap story there trying to force.

Posted by JackSukeru

Kinda glad I never got around to picking up the original now.

Posted by Ulong

Kinda dissapointed they didn't add in Celes. I allways kind of felt she was more of the main character of ff6 than Tera was.

Posted by Chris2KLee
@Ulong said:
" Kinda dissapointed they didn't add in Celes. I allways kind of felt she was more of the main character of ff6 than Tera was. "
She got the spot light in the second half of FF6 I feel, but Terra takes it back just near the end.
Posted by JoeyRavn

"Duodecim(o)" in Spanish and similar words in other romance languages actually mean "twelfth". Wonder if that has anything to do with the game.

Posted by Vexxan

Lightning's init? I'm listening.

Posted by sora_thekey

The first Dissidia game was awesome... I hope this lives up to it!

Posted by RecSpec

This game is perfect for me because I am no longer a FF fan. 

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

i forgot about this one, that makes a 6th final fantasy game that we know of thats in development right now. 
le sigh

Posted by Enigma777

Man I hope this one has a better fighting system. Wailing on a guy for 20 minutes and then having him reverse all the damage and instant KO you in one move was beyond annoying in the first one.

Posted by Sayishere

i played the original dissidia alot
so im hype for this new game
they should of added more characters, but playing as lightning will be pretty cool
and laguna!

Posted by Archaotic

Looks silly.  It's probably still going to be fun stuff though.

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The first time I laid my eyes upon the word, I read Duodenum. But I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the first section of the small intestine.
Posted by Soap

haha, he said breast... 
Also, this doesn't look drastically different enough to the original for me to reinvest. :/ 

Posted by Addfwyn

Dissidia was awesome, one of my favourite PSP games, and that says a lot cause my PSP is probably my most used console (handheld?) these days.   
Basically Dissidia: We added more stuff sounds perfect to me.  Tons to do in that game, actually a pretty fun combat system that differentiated the characters a lot (they could have just gone with a smash bros style game, and it'd still have sold like hotkeys).  Character-building RPG elements (even if the story sucked, the story mode was a lot of fun) with a pretty solid fighter?  Add more to that, and you have a winner.

Posted by FacelessVixen

Yuna would be interesting to play as.

Posted by BasketSnake

Light dark light dark light dark love hate love hate love hate

Posted by McGhee

It's great that they included Laguna, such a great character with a great story. 
Although it doesn't matter to me much, since this will be on the PSP.

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