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Oh right, the WiiU.

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Well this looks boring as fuck....

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first time i've ever seen that WiiU slogan

"How U will play next"

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Not really a big deal that its getting it. Many of the season's big name cross platform titles are coming to it. COD, Watchdogs, Assassin's Creed, Disney Infinity, Rayman, Skylanders, Batman. The lack of cross platform releases is oddly not the problem for the next few months. Its that those releases mean nothing as an incentive for people to buy the Wii U because they already have a system that plays them. So for the Wii U all that matters to people are exclusives so Pikmin just came out, then Wonderful 101, then Scribblenauts Unmasked (its the only console version), Then Wii U Party, then Donkey Kong then, Mario.

Ultimately this is, I think, lost on the upper management at Nintendo, no games, we have all the big games coming out for us? Yeah, but not just for you so they don't matter. Which is unfortunate for me, because I actually dig the Wii U, but understand why others are not interested.

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@thusian said:

Scribblenauts Unmasked (its the only console version),

That is coming out on Steam, so really not all that exclusive.

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is it superfluous? yes, but it also looks kinda neat

For instance, MH3U was awesome, as it allowed you to put all the UI elements on the gamepad, so you could just focus on the awesome fight on screen. eventually other devs will (hopefully) move away from the 'look at the pad now' messages, and just allow you to naturally split elements between both screens.

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I'm curious if there is any information on how it runs compared to 360/PS3? I traded in my 360 and picked up a WiiU late last month.

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I remember the Wii U :(

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Looks a bit more like Splinter Cell compared to Conviction which just felt like a third person shooter.

Hoping for a good PC version for this. Trying to play the multiplayer in Double Agent on LAN sucked, the loadtimes were so long the connections timed out and only whoever was the host got to play.

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It's a shame Nintendo developers can't think of semi-innovative ways to use the GamePad like this.

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I will buy the version that comes with Michael Ironside.

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I thought the trailer served the game well, the voice-over had a good sense of saying things when needed. The guy stopped speaking at one point and I was honestly surprised when I realised they wanted me to watch what was happening rather than them start being too pushy. I think quite a lot of people with a Wii U would get this title, but the problem seems to be Wii U sales right now.

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Well, I thought at first: why even bother with the third party games? All the multiplatform games are better played elsewhere than on Wii U and serious gamers would have better options if they owned a Wii U and not buy it there anyway.

But I was in my local gamestore a week ago and some guy bought a Wii U, overhearing his conversation with the sales guy how it would be his console because PS4 and Xbox One only focus on power which isn't important and there was nothing else to them.

A poor argument for his stance; it seemed like he didn't have any idea what he was talking about. But it made it clear to me there are people out there who put all their money on Wii U, so good for them for being able to play some games I guess.

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Sure, I'll get this version...

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the game actually looks good
I don't mean the controller screen part

I mean you are having a lot of the old splinter cell stealth back
you can choose your melee to be lethal or not
there's even a score multiplier for undisturbed enemy(check the bottom screen when he enter the pool shed)

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Whoo turned out dheee liiights?

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I love how negativity from the community towards the Xbone is a total bummer and only Sony-fans could be behind that, but being snarky about Wii U is totally fine, because...? Yeah, right.

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Having just played this for a while on my own WiiU, it actually looks a lot better than the 360 version I played at the local gamestore. Guess there is some more oomph in the box after all.