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Posted by BionicMonster

awesome! looks every bit as crazy as phantom hourglass' multiplayer

Posted by dbz1995

I ujust notcied that the theme song for this game is fucking amazin'.

Posted by Luke

Force Gems Get! 

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Posted by c_rakestraw

Looks like the multiplayer from Phantom Hourglass, only crazier. Should be a lot of fun, can't wait to check it out.

Edited by Skald

Looks like typical Legend of Zelda multiplayer. 
That said, it looks okay.

Posted by Brendan

I could never get into the force gem collection that was PH's multiplayer, and I think I'll stick to the singleplayer on this version as well.  Looks well made though.
Posted by Milkman

Is this online?

Posted by Shadow

Wow.  That music is awesome.  The multiplayer though, looks pretty dumb.

Posted by Zuul

It looks like mario kart's battle mode, but with SSBB's coin battle...

Posted by hagridore

Not online and the Links don't even have swords. Who asked for that?

Posted by Media_Master

Looks alright, but single player is where it's at.

Posted by Jack_Daniels

COD MW2 > Spirit tracks

Posted by needforswede
@Jack_Daniels said:
" COD MW2 > Spirit tracks "
Posted by MeatSim

I just think it's really all about the single player.

Posted by MythDarK
@Jack_Daniels said:
" COD MW2 > Spirit tracks "
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