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Good Job,
It looks good, but let's hope it executes well in the market.

Posted by Double0hFor

graphics look kinda blah for cinematics

Posted by DavidSnakes

Hopefully he's still looking for a jawb

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Hopefully this will turn out to be what the driver series should have been 

Posted by Charleslegrand

Good trailer overall

Posted by MisterMollusk

i love vinnie d.

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i already know how this game will turn out. It will receive average (at best) critic scores and everyone will forget about it in a couple of months after its release.

Posted by MooseHead

Personally, I think Vin Diesel should produce more video games then star in movies. What an interesting voice. Seems like this would be interesting to check out and kudos to Tiegen studios. Hopefully this increases there awesome game library.

Posted by zityz

Seeing gameplay of it, it looks quite interesting. Thing is it also seams like the type of game to get real repetitive quickly, like a souped up crazi taxi with cutscenes and some shooting involved.

Posted by JoelTGM

I like vin d but that game doesn't look like anything special.  There doesn't seem to be much depth to it.

Posted by AngeTheDude

Vin Diesel's voice is perfect for voiceovers.

Vin Diesel is an anagram for I End Lives.

Posted by manicproblematic

hahaha so hammy...

Posted by giyanks22

Vin Diesel sounds awesome in terms of his voice overs..
Some of that stuff looks pretty awesome.
It looks like Mercs 2 technically, but I think it might be able to actually deliver

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Wow, That game doesn't look terrible. That's a surprise.

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Looks like it captures some of that old Driver feeling, which is awesome.  Here's hoping it doesn't end up like Spy Hunter 3.

Posted by AllThatBacon

Vin Diesel is.... LOOKIN FOH A JAWB.

Posted by darkjester74

Looks really good.  I'm just concerned some of the more exciting moments might just be QTE type gameplay.  That would suck.  Hopefully its not that.

Posted by slowpantz

really hope its good

Posted by UnnDunn

This game looks pretty good. But then, so did Stranglehold.

Posted by Scarabus

I didn't think this game was coming out. Not for me but maybe tweens will enjoy the fast driving and shooty bang bang.

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Looks like Vin, and his team, have been playing Pursuit Force on the PSP. lol

Posted by Dirune

It's like Burnout meets Pursuit Force plus Vin Diesel. Definitely will give this a play through. I wonder if this will make it out before Dark Athena ships...

Posted by HatKing

I want to see him drop his movie career for now and make more games, this is one of the few hollywood types who I think actually knows what I controller is.  He always wanted to be the face of a big epic sci-fi movie, but after flops like Chronicles of Riddick and Babylon AD he should try to become the face of a big epic sci-fi video game.

Posted by keyhunter

Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yesss muthafuckas!

Posted by The_Speedstah

This looks quite good...  I'll definitely at least rent it.

Posted by PapaLazarou

6/10 is my prediction.

While I think Vins geeky side is great it takes more than one guy to make a great game and the time nore resources has been put into this one.

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Man, I sooo want this game to be good.  Vin is the shit when it comes to voice overs.  Well, if this doesn't work out there's always Dark Athena.  The original was excellent and Starbreeze has already proven that it can deliver so it's going to rock, no doubt.

Posted by MackGyver

Looks action packed but for some reason the gameplay doesn't look too tight. Neither do the graphics. Let's see what happens when it's out.

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I just want it to hear Vin Diesel talk.

Posted by yellownumber5

Just twiddling my thumbs till Dark Athena comes out, but really Diesel should give up live action and stick to voice acting.  He's really super awesome that way.

Posted by MaddProdigy

This is just prep for the new fast and the furious game. It'll be like a lot of other movie-video games.

Posted by Schizoid

The animations are looking a bit... Iffy.

Posted by BiggerBomb

Has some potential.

Posted by Jaresk

I hope there's a Demo at least...

Posted by Media_Master

not interested in stiff voice overs

Posted by HTTenrai

Looks like fun.

Posted by AURON570

it felt like a movie trailer =D

Posted by CapnCloudchaser

Yay go Midway Newcastle!

It's like a cross between Driver and Burnout Paradise to me, cept air-jacking cars is awesome fun and you can zoom in and shoot enemies/cars in a slow-mo kind of way. It's not like QTE's on that one.

I want to buy it and hope it does well.

Posted by needforswede

I think I've only seen one Vin Diesel movie, and I didn't like it.  But I guess the world needs great action stars, they serve their purpose.  It's cool to see how game-friendly he is too...in fact most of his movies seem to have videogame-like premises, which may or may not be intended.  I dunno, he has a sexy man-voice though.  I think the only way to re-heterosexualize myself after a comment like that is to see one of his movies.  Still not gonna happen, though.

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Oh Yeah!!

Posted by Game_Over

I think i'll pass, bring on Dark Athena.

Posted by AutomaticSnake

he sound like he got throat cancer

Posted by Illmatic

Wow, I'm surprised how not bad this looks. I'm actually interested in it. The vehicular combat is what really is peeking my interest. Jumping from cars to hijack and slamming other cars into fireball wrecks sounds awesome.

Posted by Trever

cool game