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Posted by Dany

They need to have a Happy Hour be regular, once a month or something.

Posted by Makoma

o.o Happy hour. Wow, been a while.

Posted by PimblyCharles

@Dany said:

They need to have a Happy Hour be regular, once a month or something.

Ryan said months ago that it would be once a month as opposed to every week. Then they never had it up until now. I personally would rather see more video game content than these happy hour shows, but they are entertaining

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This may or may not be my first Happy Hour as a Premium Member. WHOO!

EDIT: Apparently, the Tonguefreaking is free, and I'm fine with that.

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Dammit, you sons of bitches have Rhythm Heaven Fever. Just 10 days... 10 long, long days...

"I can't really talk while I do this."


Posted by Dany

@PimblyCharles: Giantbomb dominates Happy Hour too much. Yeah, I'd imagine that the majority of subscribers come from GB but still, show off the other sites as worth going to. Like, not have Rorie having an orgasm during his movie segment would be a good start.

Posted by Mob7645

i for one am very happy that Patrick was not able to do the segment and Dave Snider filled in instead, he made way more interesting that Patrick would of

Posted by MaxxS

@Mob7645: You should at least learn how to spell before you act like a dick on the internet.

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Put it in your mouth Chan, Put it in your mouth!

Posted by Wunder_

Man, I really missed this.

Posted by Ne0teric

Wait... what?!? :D

Posted by bkbroiler

@ahgunsillyo said:

This may or may not be my first Happy Hour as a Premium Member. WHOO!

This Happy Hour was free to everyone. Sorry!

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I had to clock out of the live broadcast of this early so I take it I missed the Will Meme face saying "Rub it all over your tongue Norm."

Edit to say after seeing more of it I'm guessing the chat must have been non stop Will Face. The segment was like a Will Face meme generator.

Posted by Suigyoken

Oh I made so many cumface memes during this... I also want that giraffe.

Posted by iirobdog

I <3 happy hour.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Happy Hour is the reason I became a premium member. Please keep it around! I love it.

Posted by JDillinger

@LegendaryChopChop: Same. Also they need to be longer than an hour.

Posted by sub_o

No comic vine members ?

Posted by LiquidSwords

"A" game was brought! Had such a good time watching this! having this once a month is a good thing!

Posted by Sammo21

@Dany: didn't we have this discussion already? :p they talked about why its not as frequent several times...we are getting more regular video content across all sites anyway so its no big deal to me.

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I'm so happy that the Matt Rorie Puppy show is back! Chomp 1 and Chomp 2 made this worth while as well as Jeff's Pod Racer construction.

Posted by UnreliableNarrator


Happy Hour is why I became a premium member. It doesn't have to be every week, but godammit I love this so much.

Posted by radnaksidamha

Wait what happened to the Comic Vine segment?

Posted by ahgunsillyo

@bkbroiler said:

@ahgunsillyo said:

This may or may not be my first Happy Hour as a Premium Member. WHOO!

This Happy Hour was free to everyone. Sorry!

That's okay. I was Tonguefreaked just the same.

Posted by Castiel

@ahgunsillyo said:

This may or may not be my first Happy Hour as a Premium Member. WHOO!

Oh the irony, considering the fact that it's the first Happy Hour vid that is not a premium member video.

Posted by Evan_Buchholz

Fantastic return of the Happy Hour...

"What do you think pod racer?!"

Posted by Dany

@Sammo21: Yeah, but its nice when all most of the sites get together for stuff.

Maybe some more cross over that isn't 'happy hour related. Like if a game is tied to a movie, a movie tied to a comic series or a new piece of tech that influences the movie or game industry.

Posted by VincentLonga
Posted by DemiGodRaven

Are You Ready?

Posted by MechaKirby

No Comic Vine in Happy Hours triumphant return? I'm not too much into comics so I don't visit Comic Vine, but I liked always having Sara and Tony on to keep me somewhat in the know.

Rest of the show, fantastic by the way!

Posted by Mister_Snig

Rhythm Heaven may be the first Wii game I buy since Brawl.

Posted by Diablos1125

I miss the happy hour. More of these please!!

Posted by EDfromRED

Welcome back Whiskey Media Happy Hour!

Posted by RetroVirus

I love me some happy hour.

Posted by ocarinaofdime

Fantastic to have the Happy Hour back, however elusive it may be. :3

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Happy Hours. Are they art?

Posted by Crunchman

That was really fucking dumb. Thank you.

Posted by freakin9

Dave should be a bigger part of Whiskey media videos, he has a sensibility that is sorely needed.

Posted by Skanker


Posted by Mister_Snig
Posted by Grissefar

Overall: The Happy Hour is much more enjoyable without Tony and Sara, and Jeff on the couch delivers as always. The taste test was hard to get engaged in though, because as you might expect, I couldn't actually taste it and Will just stuffed them with one thing after another. It should have been a guessing contest.
Dave's diarama: Hilarious. Great idea with curly hair on different men. Although the story could have been a little more fleshed out, it was good to see the hint of a longer storyline.
Brad's diarma: Really boring. Brad relied on cheap gimmicks such as upside down Jurassic Park logo and nonsensical background stuff, laughing at it all the while. Put a little more thought into it, Brad. I did like the expression in Patrick's face though.

Posted by iPliskin

Best ending ever, the Jurassic Park theme and Jeff talking to the giraffe was hilarious. Unfortunately, no one made any reference to the Resident Evil 6 logo. Also... Alexis, Will said he doesn't know him very well but Alexis said he would punch Will if he gave him milk, what a piece of shit!. The best thing of the show? no Patrick Klepek whatsoever!. Today was a good day. inb4 homo e-white knights.

Posted by artofwar420

Oh podracer, you so cray cray.

Posted by meaninoflife42

@Suigyoken: That wasn't a giraffe, it was a "podracer."

Posted by trayntastic

i love dumb stuff!

Posted by Hizang

That was really an awesome show, I'm perfectly fine they got rid of the Comic Vine segment, it was not the most interesting part of the show. I loved every single one of the segments and that is the only time I could say that about any other Happy Hours.

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Happy Hour is back? Yay
edit: whaaaat where did the scarf go

Posted by Ramoramopo

I think Brad Shoemaker is Dyslexic.

Posted by kozmo7

@Crunchman said:

That was really fucking dumb. Thank you.

My sentiments exactly.

The part where Dave threw the dried noodles into Brad's diorama while Jeff was talking philosophically with the Jurassic Park music softly playing in the background is why I give GB my money.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

The Happy Hour could not have come back in better form. Probably thanks to the lack of a Comic Vine segment. Or maybe the lack of Patrick. Listen, I think he's a pretty good writer and I find him tolerable to amusing in quick looks and whatnot. But the absence of him for once actually enhances this video's overall quality.

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