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Edit: EFF YEAH. QUEST GET. Now to watch the madness that is Happy Hour.

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Again, awesome job on the sabering Will.

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Perfect static screenshot. Will + knife = chaos.

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All I saw was a young vinnyand a female dave when i loaded this up for a second earlier....this will be great

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Pabst Blue Ribbon

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How the fuck are you supposed to do bends on that Pro guitar if the frets are segmented like that?

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Thanks for an awesome Happy Hour, Will! 
You did TNT great together with Vinny as well! For me who don't follow Starcraft 2 that much, it felt great with some commentary that was on the level with my knowledge!

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Fire Ryan and Jeff. We don't need them anymore.

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The guitar sounded like a really cool idea, but that loud ass strumming ruins it. 
*edit* Holy crap when Vinny took mute off. I retract my statement.

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every video is better when brad sings

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Is the volume really low for anyone else?

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@xDot said:
" Is the volume really low for anyone else? "
I was just about to post this. It's definitely lower this week.
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@Scrumdidlyumptious said:
" Fire Ryan and Jeff. We don't need them anymore. "
Fire the boss? that idea is insane...it might just work
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ending karaoke was fabulous.

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An aimless happy hour, is a great happy hour.

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Turn around...

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Forgot to watch it live this week...  oh wells!

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i want vinny to do a guitar tutorial video series

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Bonnie Tyler is not Australian.

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@Afroman269: Wait, the Happy Hour has had an aim in the past?
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That's Alia Shawkat (Maebe on Arrested Development) in the Cedar Rapids trailer.  I think she's playing a prostitute or something?  And that's... weird.

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"I'm having 'Nam flashbacks right now"
Man, I love Alex as the bitter sideline commentator.

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also vinny's brother totally looks like vinny without a black shirt on

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Brad, that was awesome.
Holy Christ, that is sibling greatness.

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Good job on the sound mix. Levels no longer popping on my TV, hooray!

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Apart from the low volume this weeks episode felt like it was the best produced so far. Everything felt so natural and worked so well. I really like Will and Alex hosting, a strange combination but it worked so well. 
Good job guys.

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Eric Clapton ain't got shit on Vinny Caravella.

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The ending of this might be the greatest thing Whiskey Media has ever produced.

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I absolutely loved how this week went completely bonkers without Ryan and Jeff around. RELISH IT

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 Hilarious through and through.

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Jeff and Ryan can stay in Vegas for another week. 

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This was an amazing Happy Hour.

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This is my favorite Happy Hour yet. Constantly hilarious, unhinged, and altogether brilliant. Also, the special guests were fantastic. I'd love to see Chris and/or Karen in future Happy Hours!

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Volume is way too low. Crank it back up next time boys.

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Oh man, that was a hilarious episode. So much fun stuff.

Will should host more often. Nice change of pace from Ryan.

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Probably one of the best so far.  Whiskey Media, I'm just gonna start throwing money at you.

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Jeff and Ryan aren't there and Manson is played. Vinny, I APPROVE!

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Brad is actually a really good singer, and I agree with everybody else saying this was the greatest Happy Hour yet.

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what a fantastic happy hour, 5 stars for everyone... especially will, i think you did a great job hosting. it was also cool to see dave's sis and vinny's bro.

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man karen was as funny as shit

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Oh man, you can really tell that, that is Vinny's brother :)

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 Whiskey should just hire Karen to appear in all their videos and be loud and funny. 
@Slubbs said:

" Brad, that was awesome.  Holy Christ, that is sibling greatness. "

Don't discount Rorie's sublime backing vocals.