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I love the whiskey Media Happy Hour!

Posted by Elow


Posted by Capt_Black_Skull

Sit back and Strap It On!

Posted by Ezekeilpurger

You guys have been so fast with uploading these archives!!

Posted by RE_Player1

No one Happy Hour should have all this power!

Posted by Complex


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"comic book sales are down" That's because no one cares about comic books. Gimme my GiantBomb crew!

Posted by Hizang
@caryrabbit said:

"comic book sales are down" That's because no one cares about comic books. Gimme my GiantBomb crew!

I care about Comic Books!
Posted by ssj4raditz

I've never laughed as hard as I did when watching the Kinect Labs stuff.

Posted by rjayb89

I would have nailed the first two questions about electricity. Damn.

Posted by NathHaw

Ryan's facial hair is getting a bit out of hand. I say we perform an intervention.

Posted by Redbullet685

I love being able to watch the Happy Hour, even though I'm not a member. I also feel bad, though.

Posted by oturista

Love the show, but damn, the two dudes screaming... wtf... not funny, hurts my ears, blows up the mics...

Posted by l4wd0g

those electricity questions were super softball.

Posted by TepidShark

Ethan if you read this, regardless of what you end up deciding, it was really cool and educational to see this in person.

Posted by Misfitmonkey

Pretty sure I shouldn't be able to view this since I"m not a subscriber.

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by Morden2261

Masturbating Jim Carrey is bound to make future appearances. I'd bet money that little clip's been archived by the editing crew!

Posted by advocatefish


Posted by dvdwalker8

I like Jeff's new haircut.

Also, that loop of Jim Carrey was perfect.

Posted by Wonloong

I'll go as Jeff's avatar during Halloween.

Posted by Nomin

Top Men should work to fix this exploited loophole. 

Posted by LiquidSwords

@caryrabbit said:

"comic book sales are down" That's because no one cares about comic books. Gimme my GiantBomb crew!

They never said that. Nice miss quote turd

Posted by tydigame

Are Patrick and Sara wearing the same pants?

Posted by Toxin066

Already got my father a pair of Vibram's. Last year. Ya know, before they were COOL.

Posted by Heliosicle

I could've got everyone one of those questions :( stupid time zones!

Posted by ZeekDaGeek

The nonsubbies are invading! Take shelter!

Posted by Demoskinos
@ZeekDaGeek: Indeed.  I'm surprised they haven't fixed this yet.  =\
Posted by NathHaw

@tydigame said:

Are Patrick and Sara wearing the same pants?

No, Patrick wouldn't dare wear something so loose.

Posted by Little_Socrates

No one hour should have all that power.

Jim Carrey loops is nice. XD

Posted by Jost1

Just stop taking live calls probably, they're so terrible

Posted by Zero_

Is it me or does this video look really washed out?

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

lol how can you talk about movie quality when you got fast and furious and cobra on the wall xD .

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

First ever happy hour I've missed, but looking at that screenshot, seems like it's a game Patrick can't button mash at.

Posted by tehkingofjokers

How tight are Patrick's pants?!

Posted by Aeterna

Power kicking in at the end... perfect.

Posted by Meowshi

*sneaks into free Happy Hour* 

Posted by kuddles

Christ Almightly; Is being a complete moron a mandatory requirement for calling into the show or something? They're resorting to Grade 3 level questions now and people are still getting them wrong.

Posted by EnduranceFun

Is it just me or is Ryan's beard fuzzier than ever?

Posted by Vexxan


Posted by Explosivo

Downloading this to watch on my 7 hour flight tomorrow. Repping Whiskey in the sky

Posted by DandyShlongLegs

The HD version looks less HD than usual. Was there an issue with the capture or am I going blind?

Posted by 49th

What am I doing here?  lololololololol

Posted by VisceralBishop24

The ending was just epic. A perfect reason as to why Whiskey Media is so awesome.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

When they asked the last Electricity question, I shouted "A BOLT OF LIGHTNING!" alone in my living room.

Posted by Calculating_Infinity

Patrick is never going to get children with pants like that.

Posted by Taklulas
@49th said:
What am I doing here?  lololololololol
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Jeff and Patrick make a great team

Posted by SamLFC
Posted by Droop

Awwww hells yeah!

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