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Awwww yeaaaaa

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Now I'm happy!

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Ryan Davis, sweatiest man in the game.

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More exclusive content would make this show better.

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Stopped watching on the dice game... Did it get better after that?

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Life (Will) has been hard on Norman.

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whats up with the bottom of the video its like blacked out?!?!

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Yay! ;)

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Doesn't happy hour last for 3-5 hours? I feel slighted

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So much flickering in the video... the compression scheme is just getting worse... I feel like I'm gonna get a seizure

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@kidkarolus said:

Doesn't happy hour last for 3-5 hours? I feel slighted

No, their happy hour is exactly that. A happy hour.

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I had a much better question, but halfway through asking about getting Johnny V to become a member of Whiskey Media, kessler's wallet showed up and I had to mute myself to stop from busting out laughing. So I said the first thing that came to mind.

Edit: Also, after watching it play back, Ryan's thanks to me for the shirts totally wasn't hearable on skype. So I apologize for not responding, Ryan. You guys are awesome, hope the shirts are worthwhile.

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19:26 Dave Snider cheats. I would expect this from Jeff but dam Dave.

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Sorry Tested, but this Happy Hour segment was one of your worst. Terrible audio mixing did not help as well.

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The audio levels were all fucked during Tested's bit =\ otherwise great show!

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I have to question some of Dave's counting.


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Is the volume on this really low or are my headphones dying?

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Dave didn't win that...

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@Slaker117 said:

Is the volume on this really low or are my headphones dying?

Both. The volume is low and your headphones are dying. Sorry.

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@kidkarolus said:

Doesn't happy hour last for 3-5 hours? I feel slighted

it has allways been around 1-2 hours max mayb alittle extrented when they had bastion on

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17:50 Dave has a bloody dollar bill

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Norm looks like he ate the pot brownie and no one told him.

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It's odd to me that, as comic sales continue to drop, attendance to comic-con increases.

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That was a really good quick look, well done guys!

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800 pages is not huge. A Dance with Dragons is over a thousand. And it's not a thousand pages of that poorly-written, meant-for-children-but-it-went-on-too-long-so-she-made-it-"dark", fluff you find in Harry Potter books. It has proper writing for grownups.


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I'm a hufflepuff.

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I like the part where the pikachu is dancing.

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That matt guy's a douche.

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Man, that trivia was painful to watch. (shakes head) Someone just lost his Canadian citizenship. :P

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Norm is so asian.

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I can't digest lactose. I'm a Hufflepuff!

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"Girl you got a sloppy wallet"

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That dice game is pretty stupid. A for effort though Dave..

Why not just roll 2 dice and whoever rolls double 6 wins?! or even better game: CRAPS

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@Proudfoot84 said:

17:50 Dave has a bloody dollar bill

That's what happens when someone tries to bum a dollar from hardcore dave, he takes it out and beats you with it.

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hufflepuff's are particularly good finders

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Screened and CV segments are getting a little stale. I think it's time to mix up the happy hour some. I'm at a point where I only watch Tested and GB parts.

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Dave is a freaking cheat but Norm desirved to lose for not putting his heritage in there and spotting it.


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Dave Snider = ratings! More Dave on The Happy Hour please!

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Oh man, I'm gonna miss Braga now.

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Kessler's wallet looks like a family heirloom, passed on from generation to generation, originally used to carry gold for bartering as well as various spices.

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All right, Kessler, you've earned your keep. "I keep whole rolls of quarters in there!" is one of the funniest off-the-cuff responses I've heard about anything in a while.

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Dave's final roll was 36 not 37. He counted from 21 to 25 but added a die with a 3 on the front. Tsk tsk. Rematch!!!!!!

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Man, Ryan's really got the hots for Neville Longbottom. To be fair, though, the dude is looking sharp.

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Rorie chose my puppy video! Yay!

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Pretty good show. Also, Dave cheated numerous times. But his "prize" was Kessler's wallet so that seems to be a fitting punishment.

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Kiefer Sutherland is English. So one of those questions was a trick question...not that it mattered hahaha

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Any of you curious about the odds in ten/die/prime should check out this thread. I think I got them down, but want someone to check.