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Edited by Vinchenzo

Yay, and I can't even watch the video and I already have the quest. This is awesome.

Posted by PoppaKyle

I really need to buy a membership..
Posted by wolf_blitzer85

So I was at work when this was going on. I hope I didn't miss anything super fucking awesome like last time.

Posted by RE_Player1
@wolf_blitzer85: I'm sorry to say... it was super awesome. 
Posted by patrick

Doh, the first WMHH I could've watched live and I missed it.

Posted by Vager

I nearly fell of my chair laughing to death when Will tried the Shake Weight. 
God damn, it was the best Happy Hour yet.

Posted by TheHakku

Thank god for these. Sad I missed it but so glad I can watch it here.
@Vinchenzo: Youuuuuu.

Posted by AndyPhifer

If you don't have a membership, hell, this is worth it. An extra four hours of great Whiskey Media video a month  for $5? Come on!

Posted by AhmadMetallic

that was fun to watch !

Posted by Th3_James

I spend more than $5 on shit i don't need every month....So I really don't mind paying for a whiskey media membership

Posted by gakon

Animated .gif of Brad's head popping out from behind the boxes GO (19:40-ish)

Posted by ArclightBorealis

I am going to watch this again just for the Will Smith shakeweight bit.

Edited by JeffGoldblum

Why can I watch this? 
My membership ran out? 
Oh I guess it didn't?

Posted by TheSolution

These get better every week.

Posted by fastkilr
@Ahmad_Metallic: You were able to watch it?
Posted by SkullcrusherMountain

Okay, seriously am I the only one that gets crazy artifacting and video issues on the top half of these videos?  Please tell me someone has the same issues, and/or how to fix them.

Posted by Hailinel


Posted by NowSayPillow

This was so goddamned funny. I laughed my ass off.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85
@RE_Player92 said:
" @wolf_blitzer85: I'm sorry to say... it was super awesome.  "
Looks like I'll have to quit my job.
Edited by Crunchman

I think there's an extra zero in the date in the title of the video... But seriously, you guys, that bit with Will using the Shake Weight, having that thing around his head, zooming in, music playing in the background, and the amount of sheer intensity burning into his face--I'm getting sweaty just imagining it... It was truly a magical experience. I don't know who to thank, but thank you.

Posted by rjayb89

That shakeweight is so fucking awesome.

Posted by bloodsoul5

Oh man, tested is on fire lately.

Posted by rjayb89

Ryan's hand is so irresistible even Tony wanted to touch it.

Posted by Tsai

To whoever that haven't sub yet.. you really need to.. because these guys are just nuts now :P 
It feels like a TV show that's gone completely horribly wrong....
 it is fantastic... 

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Posted by AhmadMetallic
@fastkilr said:
" @Ahmad_Metallic: You were able to watch it? "
wow.. i thought we were all brothers here.. are you better than me, man ? 
lol just kidding. and no its disabled for me
Posted by sirlucius@gmail.com

Comic Vine Preview Theater ends at 19:30 for those who like to skip it.

Posted by Dany

who is that guy from watchmen with the mask because gman was doing him instead of batman

Posted by Dany
@sirlucius@gmail.com said:
" Comic Vine Preview Theater ends at 19:30 for those who like to skip it. "
Seriously? Way to be an ass.
Posted by Jayzz

this was so funny

Posted by SkullcrusherMountain

I dunno what it is, but Norm irritates the crap out of me.

Posted by bloodsoul5
@Dany:  for non comic book fans its not very good.
Posted by hawkinson76

I'm too old to care about deadpool. At the same time, am I the only one OLD enough to know that all of these deadpool gags were used in ambush bug?!

Posted by Dany
@bloodsoul5 said:
" @Dany:  for non comic book fans its not very good. "
i am not a comic book fan and i think its fine
Posted by billyblaze
"Wasn't trying to be fecetious."
Thanks for that, laughed heartily.
Edited by PhanThomas

The video crew was definetely drunk, with all those explosion effects and Brads head replaced by the rotating shell casing. ^^ Was laughing my ass off. Especially with all the giggling in the backgrund. ^^

Posted by alexfase


Posted by Sheetsy77

Will with the Shake Weight, fucken priceless!

Posted by Mister_Snig

I totally wish I wasn't broke right now ;_;

Posted by m0nk3y80y

Next week you guys need to put drunk Will and Norm in more stress Macguyver situations, like put them in a room with only a paper clip and a paint stirrer and tell them to escape. Note I did not say put them in a locked room, just a room. Hell, it could be a TV style room that is missing a wall and it would still be hilarious. 

Posted by Jost1

Alex: Firefly's not that great.

Posted by ffdthree
@SkullcrusherMountain said:
" I dunno what it is, but Norm irritates the crap out of me. "
You and I can't be friends
Posted by Wrighteous86

Loving the explosion effects kit.

Posted by TwoLines
@Dany said:
" @bloodsoul5 said:
" @Dany:  for non comic book fans its not very good. "
i am not a comic book fan and i think its fine "
I think it's awesome too.
Posted by Afroman269

Will finally legitimately made me laugh. That zoom in was very epic.

Posted by geirr

Awe-to the-some!
With the high/drunk people in the background it almost sounded like
it was filmed before a live studio audience.
Tony's puppy eyes as he was wanting some delicious hand-love from Ryan was priceless;
but no only Matt gets some of that.

Posted by coaxmetal
@sirlucius@gmail.com said:
" Comic Vine Preview Theater ends at 19:30 for those who like to skip it. "    
why skip it? This preview theater was dope. Sara was KILLING IT was the southern accent. good stuff.
Posted by Morden2261

Will!  Intense!  Explode!  Boom boombooomboomboom!

Posted by Ravenjade
@JeffGoldblum:  Make sure you didn't have it set to auto-renew or you may have spent 5 dollars you didn't intent to! Just a warning.
Posted by artofwar420

The show is getting better and better. Very sharp. Nicely done.

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