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wall worst star trek movie ever made more like it :)
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Holy shit Will! First the Minecraft costume then the Norm costume, I laughed so freaking hard.

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That girl that Kasavin works with, Jen, is super hot. 
I drool...

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Greg is back with Jeff,Ryan and Brad YAY :) !!!
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Sarah looks fantastic in the wonder woman costume 

Posted by Jimbo7676

They used the same same computer case that I have for their bastion demo booth!

Posted by cannedstingray
Sarah looks good in pretty much everything she wears, she looked really good in the black outfit she was wearing on the couch.. 
great show everyone
Posted by Red

Great, now I have to subscribe.

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i could barelly watch 5 min of this.

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I totally want to be a paid member, but sadly, I was laid off the week they launched subscriptions. The search for work is...ongoing. Lame.

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What a chill show. I wish I could subscribe, but I can't at the moment.

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Thinking too hard makes it go down

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Will-"boobs" had me cracking up. The timing was perfect. Well done.

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Not sure how anyone could think this was anything less than awesome.  The Bastion bit at the beginning was EXACTLY the sort of content you are only going to find here on GB.

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After Star Trek II I was totally expecting Star Control II, That game is so rad.

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Those moments when shit doesn't work and Ryan is left hang'n are great =D

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@cazamalos: Just wanted to mention that Bastion does have a shield block + counter available.  Gavin was just noobing it up and forgot about it.
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Loved Rorie's puppy segment. No one flabbergasts like Rorie.

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Haha alcohol makes you better at a children's game!? That's perfect!

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sara looks a lot like my old journalism teacher.

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@jenzee:  nice!
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Norm can I be your padawan! I want to learn from the master!

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This week's Happy Hour seemed like even more of a mess than usual, which, of course, made it even more hilarious. 

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Smallville does wicked fights. What are you talking about Ms Sara Lima?

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@Tirion said:
" Fucking awesome show this week! "
Really? That actually makes me a little sad.
Posted by dr_mantas
@TheJuda: Yeah, it was a bit subpar this week, maybe they should cut down on the booze.
But you also shouldn't get "sad" if other people are excited about something.
Posted by Morris

Why is everyone freaking out. Its the halloween special of the happy hour, of course its gonna be fucked up. 

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If alcohol and thinking about boobs gave you force powers, I'd be Mace muthafuckin' Windu.

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Rorie's puppy update needs to be a regular feature.

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@Koobz said:
" Rorie's puppy update needs to be a regular feature. "
Weekend Pupdate with Matt Rorie.
Posted by jakob187

I can't get the video to play.  Anyone else having the same issue?  It seems like it's loading, but it doesn't show any video.

Posted by SuperSambo
@jakob187 said:
" I can't get the video to play.  Anyone else having the same issue?  It seems like it's loading, but it doesn't show any video. "
Video starts at 2:12.
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This game is gunna be sick! the art design is amazing, and the way the developers are talking about game dev is awesome. Greg, I knew u looked familiar, and i realized it was from gamespot, you were like the best reviewer there and i know the game is gunna be awesome! cant wait!

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Watch      01:20.25 - 1:21: 25
That was weird..... just listen.

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@SuperSambo said:
" @jakob187 said:
" I can't get the video to play.  Anyone else having the same issue?  It seems like it's loading, but it doesn't show any video. "
Video starts at 2:12. "
Thanks man.
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Wow ass!

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I still remember Gregs ninja gaiden review

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This week's Happy Hour was great bringing the wackiness of whiskey media to its true form of hilarity. By the way, where's is Jeff?

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Bastion looks awesome!.. However, the one jarring thing I think needs extra, extra, polish is the directional movement of the character. To the untrained eye it may seem smooth, but as he moves around you can see the direction angles jumping from one to the next. Perhaps a very subtle motion blur to blend the frames? Just a suggestion. If this game allows cosmetic customisation of the character, I'm sold! Visuals are beautiful!

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Holy crap, this one is amazing. I can't believe I missed it live >_< 
Bastion looks great, guys, and I wanted it as soon as I saw the quick look. 
Oh, Mr. Rorie, you and your dogs.

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Great episode. THIS is why I'm a subscriber :)

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I was the one who said dammit. And for the record, I think the game looks and sounds great!

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I fucking died laughing when they cut to Norm sitting at the bar by himself, sweating like a pig, struggling to eat a cupcake, then saying "I don't know where Norm went" with a mouth full of food. LOL. 
- Scott

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I love how Steve is constantly cracking up. It's like a laugh track but better.
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At 58:47, I think you can hear someone say "fucking asian".
There's another word after that, but it's too unintelligible for me to make out even after slowing the audio down.

Posted by Light_Bahamut

I want to work for Whiskey Media. Not because the people are awesome, or because living in San Francisco would be boss, but because they drink fantastic booze. Sierra Nevada IPA? Maker's Mark? Yes please.

Posted by Vao

I'm in san fran this week and lovin the city so far :p add that with all the world series crazy its a sight to be seen. 

Posted by Dizzyhippos

Is alex wearing a la parka mask or am I going blind?