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Just brilliant stuff and very funny as always. I loved Bastion and the coverage on that, Tested had an awesome toy there, I liked Comic Vine's bit even if I saw Sara's costume change coming (blame Ethan), the Art Academy game was a neat idea, Screened had an interesting bit and Brad made a surprisingly good zombie. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside after watching that, Happy Halloween guys.

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I don't wanna be that guy, but damn Jen is cute. ^_^

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"Asianham Lincoln"

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Hold the mic up to will

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another great episode as always

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I've seen all of these...this by far MY FAVORITE! had me laughing the entire time after the bastion update!, keep it up dudes I want MORE!

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great Happy Hour..favorite part has to be Sara throwing out  "Screw this shit" in the Wonder woman outfit after the technical mix up...this is why I love Giantbomb.

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Oh man, I'd definitely be down for even more Art Academy videos. XD

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Best Happy Hour by far!

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Damn, I need to go to PAX next year considering the fact it's about 15 minutes or less away from where I live.
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"Beer makes it work better!" was hilarious.

Oh, that ending was the best. Norman Chan, Jedi Master. This was a great video, you guys rock.

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Pure awesome. Drunk Will and Halloween madness makes this the best Happy Hour yet!

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Rorie should be kept away from small creatures.  I mean, have you seen the EyePet Quick Look?

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Whooooo. Good episode.

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Goddamn broken comments

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Thank you guys for making my membership worth it! ^_^

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The video doesn't start until 02:12, just saying.

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yay my crappy question got asked 

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that girl is really cute
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@monster9999 said:
" Lol this was by far the best comic vine segment yet "
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tested is just carrying the show once again!

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Everyone, Norman Chan is the master of the universe.

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Frakking hilarious. Norm is the Jedi master.

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dumb dumb dumb dumb duummmb

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The complaining about the lasso is stupid. That's like saying it's hard to believe that Superman is good at flying. There are NORMAL people that are capable of using a lasso better than what she did in the show. And Wonderwoman is a SUPERHERO. That just really bothered me. It's a skill, practice enough ANYONE can do it. 
Otherwise awesome show, the minecraft costume was great.

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Steve's constant giggling throughout some of these segments makes them just that much better.

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Whiskey media has finally brought in a Hot Asian woman... Its about time.

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great show

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@Arc209 said:
" This week's Happy Hour was great bringing the wackiness of whiskey media to its true form of hilarity. By the way, where's is Jeff? "
Probably playing Black Ops at a review event.
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Will is my hero.

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I would pay to see a Tested show

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@ 48:35 - Speaking about getting to work on time, when do they invent the teleporters? I mean, teleporters have been out there in theory since the 60's at least, so you'd think we'd have them by now. What is Obama doing? Come on!  ....By the way, I'd like those hover cars soon as well, thank you very much.
@ 01:14 - Asian Ham Lincoln? Dat's_racist.gif 
@01:16 - I thought Alex was about to play Luche Libre or something. 
Absolutely awesome show guys and girls!

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Alex yelling "I'm a car jacker!" made me fucking lose it.

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Holy shit I love the look of Bastion

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@SmotPoker said:
" At 58:47, I think you can hear someone say "fucking asian". There's another word after that, but it's too unintelligible for me to make out even after slowing the audio down. "
I don't know why, but I checked this out. Ryan said "Norm is too drunk to know" to hold the mic up to Will, and I think Brad said "fucking Asian gene" which seemed totally in jest.

I am so... not offended.
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Yeah I heard it as "fucking Asian genes" as well. 
And just incase people don't know, it refers to most East Asians in general about their low tolerance of alcohol. 
I myself am an example of that. One simple drink and my face is red and bloodshot eyes as fuck.
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Why so much dead air at the start all the time?

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Just wanted to come back and leave a comment that the Building the Bastion was one of the highest quality pieces of content GB has put out.  It was really great to be able to get a whole dev team together and interview them properly.  The camcorder footage edited piece was fantastic and it was cool to see an early build of game that we now see all prettied up.  That's a rare thing.  Very much looking forward to seeing the rest of these sections (please keep them during free segments).

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lol ay the end.
"Holy shit guys!! Guys! Its the fourth level!"

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"Stop poking my ball"

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ridiculous. nice costumes crew!

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@scarace360: thats the BEST kind of lie!
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58:45, does Brad say "Fucking Asian gene" ?!
What a racist!

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I wish you guys would compress the audio a bit more. It can get reallly harsh when you guys are goofing around and screaming. It tends to clip too when you get reaal loud. Otherwise great :)
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I watched that wonder women scene twice.

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@cooljammer00 said:

" 58:45, does Brad say "Fucking Asian gene" ?! What a racist! "

sounds like it. gotta watch when you have a mic on.....
 @Morden2261 said:

Drunk, funny AND rapey! "

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"How's the rape?"  --  I have never clapped so slowly.
In fact my hands haven't even met for the first time since I heard this.