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It does? Then I skip this -> still need to play brotherhood ánd revelations. Yeah I'm behind.

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@Nictel: I have played AC2 Brotherhood and haven't played Rev, Ryan talked about a recap of the the last games in 3(during a podcast iirc), so I haven't watched it when it was live and I advice to not watch this, because they play the game from the start.

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Yes, if you haven't played Assassin's Creed 3 and have been kept pure do not watch this quick look.

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I don't plan on watching this one yet because of spoilers but can anyone tell me if this version of the game runs well?

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Boy the framerate here looks pretty awful.

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@JOURN3Y: It's very, well, OK, i guess. However, the thing is, they didnt not get a chance to show any footage of when you really get to explore the world, but judging from the beginning of the game where there's a bit of slow down, i wouldn't say it'd run great.

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I hate this Vita Black Ops commercials. Why the eff is the dude bouncing his Vita in and out?

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While the second screen use may be disappointing, lighting and shadowing are visible better than in the 360 version along with the overall fidelity of model close ups. Everything looks a tad nicer.

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Want to avoid spoilers (have not played yet), so what's the consensus on this? I skipped around near the end trying to get a 'final word' but didn't really hear much. I get the impression it's probably at least as good, maybe some framerate hiccups, Game Pad is poorly implemented. Is that about right?

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That guy assassinated a perfectly good chair.

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goddamn that single strap backpack!

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Still clipping on Desmond :/

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ryan, the blacks arent black because.... they arent!

However, there is some unwelcome news - specifically that the HDMI output is locked to limited-range RGB only, with footage from all games we've captured thus far revealing absolutely no information in the 0-16 or 235-255 areas. Many digital displays - PC monitors in particular - don't operate correctly with limited-range RGB, giving washed out colours principally defined by blacks being more grey-like in nature.