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@Parsnip said:

No shitting on Twilight Princess, it's a great game.  At least on Gamecube.

Agreed, it lacked the spark and character of Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker, but the combat system is the best in the series and the dungeon design was fantastic, and the bosses, while some of them not that much fun to fight, where always a spectacle. Definitely a very well made game, just very traditional. Oh and the Ball & Chain was very badass.  
But yeah, fuck that Wii version, it doesn't even have that hilarious jump slash glitch.  



Twilight Princess was.....ok. The wolf sections were fucking awful though. Of course, it gets the constant pass Zelda always gets because of nostalgia.

Nah not really, everyone shits on everything after A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and to a lesser extent Ocarina of Time by a fair amount of people for a good amount of reasons, for reasons reasonable and not-so reasonable. But yeah the wolf sections were pretty throw away, gladly they were sparse and getting around/controlling as the wolf was quick. Even Aonuma said he put the Wolf in because he was sort of forced into making another Link to the Past-y game like Ocarina, but also needed an original gimmick or whatever so yeah he didn't know what to do and yeah. It was an overall solid game plagued by general Zelda fatigue and lack of identity. 
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Only Giantbomb can make putting in an Origin ID entertaining as fuck...lol.

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That fucking kid...

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@PandaShake said:

I always use aol for fake email addresses lol

I have a netscape.net email account that I have used for signing up for things purposes for 15+ years now.  It still works although the site I go to to log in has changed two or three times.  Aol is currently the owner of it. 
Ack!  Watching this just makes me mad all over again about Dragon Age 2 and ME3.  GodDAMNIT Bioware what the hell happened?
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Guys, this is my game of the year.  I don't care what you all say!

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Patrick is a complete tool for saying Twilight Princess is an outright 'bad' game. I expect that from a troll not a journalist.

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I will forever call the Wii U version of this Mass Effect 3: I Just Want to Die Edition.

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@Marokai said:

That random self-aggrandizing interruption of Jeff's this-has-been-my-day-so-far story from Patrick ("Hey, I ran seven miles!") during the loadup to the multiplayer match is one of those moments where I actually understand why he occasionally gets comment criticism.

Someone asked him first. It wasn't random.

Well the exact question was, "How much DOES Jeff want to die right now?"  Not voting one way or the other myself on the topic just clarifying what the question was.  He interjected his running story during Jeff explaining why he doesn't particularly want to die because the day started off okay. asdf
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@Soap said:


I hate you for beating me 2 it.

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If this had been all three games with DLC, it would have made sense. Having Mass Effect 3 on a console that doesn't have the first two games doesn't make much sense (even with that horrible motion comic).

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After watching this, I hope there is a game where you play as Garrus as a C-Sec operative before ME1. He was my favorite character through the series, and I'd love to see more of his past. The mission where you had to take care of Dr. Heart in ME1 was pretty cool.

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I always find it interesting how boring Jeff plays Mass Effect.

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I'm the last to defend Twilight Princess in the context of the Zelda series, but it's totally competent in most aspects. Calling it a bad game, when there are so many games released every week that are much worse, is bullshit hyperbole and needlessly disrespectful to the team who made it.

Patrick is like a NeoGAF post in human form sometimes.

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ugh. this game was so disappointing :/

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Everything involving that kid is horrible in ME3. I seriously hope Patrick was being sarcastic.

ME2 and then my love of ME3 and ME1 are about the same.

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