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I guess having not played any New Super Mario Bros I could get away with this as my first?

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Good LORD Bradley, you have now beaten this game and you run through 1-2 without using blue baby Yoshi's ability, and still wondering why he doesn't grow? The baby Yoshi's are given unique abilities, green adult is the Yoshi you know and love. Most all of the GB guys just roll through Nintendo games without the inclination to try stuff, or assuming that depth isn't there; so dont look.


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That stupid 'bah'ng when you're carrying baby Yoshi is the most horrible sound possible, goddamn.

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The extra little Yoshi sounds when carrying Baby Yoshi make me think of Yoshi Story and it makes me all kinds of happyfuzzy.

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Did Ryan mispronounce "Lithgow" on purpose?

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I'll just leave this here.

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@joeshabadoo: If you can finish a level easily without it then does it really matter?

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Stop at 6:30 and look at Brad's face.

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Ooh 60 fps video. Smoove. Also wah wah.

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@Thompson820 said:

I'll just leave this here.

a"wah wah"some

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@Antihippy: Well i think it matters because they're trying to quick look the game and all it has to offer/show, so opting for the most bland possible route is a bit of a disservice. Also he probably would've discovered the pretty sweet secret exit in that stage had he used the Yoshi to the fullest. There are a good number of hidden exits in this game.

I mean, I see it with the blue and pink baby Yoshis. Brad played through most of the main game, and undoubtedly used a pink baby Yoshi several times, but still was under the impression that you can only inflate it in the air once. Ultimately it's not a huge deal, but I see it as a trend. They don't play first party Nintendo stuff as often (admittedly as a result of the quantity of other software out there) and I generally don't see them approach it with the same exploratory tendencies. As I watch I feel as though they're thinking, 'okay this game looks similar to some others I've played and I know what to expect, and it will fight me along the way but I need to work within it's limited scope to finish it.' Maybe that's too harsh, but something like that

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I am pro Ethernet ports because shit happens and wah wah.

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I agree with Brad--wired Internet is the way to go. Wireless is too unstable.

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I like how Brad is trying to come up with reasons to explore the OS instead of playing the game >_<

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@ErinIsADrunk: They've alread quick looked the game. The interesting bits is how it interracts with the system. I'm using the word interesting there in the loosest sense...

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