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Fuck all that. I just hope for another in-game season of Lords and Ladies.

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Oh man.

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The theme doesn't suit the game at all anymore. Max's face looks like shit now too.

Posted by Skrams

Bald Space Marine but not in space or a marine. But yeah.

Posted by Flappy

This looks...wow. I'm genuinely curious to see how this one turns out.


This isn't what I want from a new Max Payne. But still hope it's good.

Posted by ArcLyte

@Metal_Mills said:

The theme doesn't suit the game at all anymore. Max's face looks like shit now too.

cool story bro

Posted by Daiphyer

What is this, Kane and Lynch?

I want to save my memories from Max Payne 1 and 2. That music my God that music.

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I don't know, feeling a bit iffy about this. Is Max Payne really relevant anymore?

Posted by Hero_Swe

For some reason his voice sounds wrong up until the flashback point at 16 seconds in, then it sounds wrong again.

Posted by ElixirBronze

The new Max design is awfull

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

What all that color is doing in my Noir game?!

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I'm totally stoked for another Max Payne. Can't say I like the bald look. Actually, I think it sucks.

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Awesome trailer.

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The only thing that felt Max Payne about this was that sweet-ass theme. Brought back good memories of Max Payne 2.

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I was ok till he shaved his head. while I can see this is a shooter, is it max?

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All I can remember about Max Payne is blowing stuff up and it falling down.

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fuck yeeees

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@Cyrisaurus said:

The only thing that felt Max Payne about this was that sweet-ass theme.

With extra emphasis on only.

Posted by Pathos

His character model makes him look like some sort of bad ass version of Zach Galifianakis' character from Hangover 2.

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Walter White Bald Badass.

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@Metal_Mills said:

Max's face looks like shit now too.

Hah. Was about to post that. The voice does not fit the face at all.

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I played the first two games so much I literally have them memorized. Every line of dialogue (pretty much), where every single enemy spawns, every hidden room, EVERYTHING. I know those games front and back.

I want to see actual gameplay before I pass judgment on this, but I think it has potential.

Posted by Feikken

Awe hell yeah.

they got the original voice actor. I'm down for this.

Posted by VicRattlehead

will wait for some game play trailers but this trailer has dampened any hype i had, only max payne thing about it is the awesome music

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While i agree that it dosent seem like a max payne game, it still looks pretty sweet.

Posted by Lucien21

Where's New York and all the snow?

Not sure about this game.

Posted by Dunchad

Hmm... Yeah, I don't know. I guess this means that the hardest difficulty ending of Max Payne 2 was not canon?

And like someone already mentioned, the music doesn't seem to fit - the graphic novel/noir aesthetic seems to be missing and as such, Apocalyptica's cello music does feel out of place.

Posted by sparks50

At least they arent calling it just Max payne as if it was the first one

Posted by scraz

I loved the first 2 games but this looks like there content with flushing those games right down the fucking toilet.I would pay full price for a game set in new york with mona alive "Real ending" but they can keep this shit.

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@ArcLyte said:

@Metal_Mills said:

The theme doesn't suit the game at all anymore. Max's face looks like shit now too.

cool story bro

Next time learn what the meme means before using it.

Posted by Terjay

Max On Fire

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My only concern is that the writing is going to suffer compared to the writing in the original games. Just judging from the trailer it seemed a bit generic.

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You're killing me. Did you make that up yourselves, or did you get some wino in another fourm to come up with it?

In all seriousness though, I was really put off at first with all the light and daytime-ness of it all, but if they make it a theme of the game, I might be ok with it. I mean, the first one had snow, the second one had rain, maybe this one can be a heat wave?

Now that I type it out, it does sound a little dumb.

I was prepared to write this game off if they didn't play the music in this trailer, glad I wasn't disappoint.

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It seems like a dumb complaint, but yeah I hate the bald Max look.

Posted by Jerome85

Looks good, really looking forward to this. Love that they kept the theme song. Hopefully there are more noir elements.

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I don't shave your head Max come on.

Posted by Terjay

I really, really, reallyreally hope that Rockstar doesn't mess up with the gameplay.

Posted by Olivaw

I don't know, you guys.

This looks pretty good, from where I'm standing.

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@Terjay said:

Max On Fire



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Definitely excited for a new Max Payne. The trailer however, isn't up to par with Rockstar's other trailers. Not as great as some of the GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption trailers

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So this is Man on Fire: The Game with Max Payne, whom I don't recognize anymore. I don't like the looks of this. But hey, at least they kept the music.

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Max Payne 3 ? more like Kane and Lynch 3. So sad,looks nothing at all like a true sequel.Butchered.

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Were are you standing?On a 10 foot pile of cow shit?

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Doesn't feel right without Remedy and seems to lack that noire feel that was key in MP1 & 2.

Posted by zitosilva

Images shown look nothing like São Paulo.

Posted by kollay

Fifty times more flying debris.

Posted by Aas

Such a weird direction for Max Payne.