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Posted by Ravelle

These dudes know how to make a trailer!

Posted by Tordah

This looks exactly like my kind of FPS. Being a Wolfenstein fan doesn't hurt either. Cautious hype!

Posted by Schnoggi

This trailer peaked my interest more than anything I've seen from Titan Fall and Destiny.

Posted by packs217

I played it at PAX, it felt very similar to CoD in its mechanics. While that's not too exciting, I thought the rest (weapons, AI, ambiance) was great. I played the heck out of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein", and didn't care for the latest... from what I played of this one, it'll be good.

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@grixxel said:

Have not killed nazis in a while, lets do this!

@l4wd0g said:

It's like they want to invoke/make Inglorious Bastards, but they show they really just don't have that talent.

It's like ... you already played this game and already know all about it.

It's like... I was just talking about the look and vibe of the trailer.

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wait what? DOOM beta....hmmm

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This looks interesting , would love to play and really good Wolfenstein game again...

Posted by KenpachiRamaSama

I hope this game is so good.

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Everything about that trailer makes it a requirement for me to play Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Ironic song to play alongside it? Check.

Crazy Nazi mechs? Check.

Alternate history? Check.

BJ Blazkowicz carrying a chainsaw and threatening...in a very Brad-Pitt-from-Inglorious-Basterds accent...to cut a man's head off with an "appliance" that happens to be a RIDICULOUSLY LARGE FUCKING CHAINSAW?! Check.

Yeah. This is a day-one purchase for me...so long as the game is more stable in terms of frame rate than the last turd was.

Posted by HatKing

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@andreaskem said:

Banned in Germany in 10... 9...

Germany never banned anti nazi content.

They sure do ban games that contain swastikas or Nazi references. The last Wolfenstein had all of the swastikas replaced. They even had to recall the game shortly after release because they missed one little swastika somewhere. It's really dumb.

That's a little different than banning something. I think the rule is that it has to be used in a historical non-fiction work. They don't want to make light of the incredibly dark part of their history. Which, I guess I understand, but would agree is a little silly. I mean, nobody is going to play The Saboteur and mistake the enemies for anything but Nazis.

Also, this looks way better than I ever thought it would.

Posted by ljrepoman