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Posted by Ivanetc

christ almighty
this is probably the worst framerate i've seen in a trailer for a very long time
at least the game's not out soon right!!!!

Posted by goldenmnk


Posted by Cook66

Wow.. That didn't look very good.

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I keep expecting to see Clocky Von Sand-Body from Hellboy in these trailers.  You know, when he is dressed as a Nazi?

Posted by ChrisTaran

Looks pretty damn cool to me.

Posted by nick69

I'll pass on this one.

Posted by TheSmie

its a rental, shame to say

Posted by LordKorax
@Ivanetc: Who's to say that it's not just the video?
Edited by Adamantium

Agreed with the above. Looks like crapola.

Posted by Bjorn

Graphics looks like a 1 st gen 360 game... really, looks like the engine is 4 years old. The animation and destruction is impressive. The animation being the the strong suit there. I just fear that game design and level design will be just as outdated as the graphics. Worthy of a rental. Just cause its Wolfenstein... they are usually good shooters. But its been so long since the last one. So I'm really skeptical about it.

Posted by fox01313

Played demo of it @ Quakecon & it does look pretty good compared to this cinematic. Hell to control on the PC after playing some many of the shooters like this on the 360 (& used to those controls) but from the first opening cinematic & gameplay on the first level it was really solid for a Wolfenstein game.
Posted by bybeach

mixed feelings..i really liked Return To...but this seems kinda cartoony.
Posted by Soap

Wait, a white action hero character who is not voiced by Nolan North?.... what the hell is going on?!

Posted by Crixaliz

After watching this... I can't wait for Singularity to come out!

Posted by hellknight8619

this trailer is awesome!!

Posted by Bigandtasty

 Das is nicht eine Booby!

Posted by brocool

it could be fun.. right?

Posted by HykCraft
@Ivanetc said:
"christ almighty  this is probably the worst framerate i've seen in a trailer for a very long time  at least the game's not out soon right!!!!  .... "

Seriously, the framerate was slowed down for dramatic slo-mo effect for the trailer... never seen trailers before? How about movie trailers? Never watched a movie before? Christ almighty.
Posted by ajamafalous

This game looks like it's from 2005.
Sorry Jeff.

Posted by Psynapse
The Engine is roughly 4 years old! Hahaha, its the Doom 3 Engine.... 
That trailer is terrible... The story/premise looks to be good, but the graphics and everything else about it make me want to pass... And to think i was interested in this one...
Posted by ryanwho
@ajamafalous said:
" This game looks like it's from 2005.  Sorry Jeff. "
It does have a launch game vibe. I think they're just pushing it out the door. I could save a few dimes and go buy Prey or Timeshift or something  with this 60 dollars here. No wonder they're bribing people with infomercial style desperation offers.
Posted by Akeldama

no gameplay in the launch trailer?  
Now THATS confindence

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I need to see Jeff's review before I make a decision. If you preorder it at Amazon you get a free code for Wolenstein 3-D on XBLA.

@Bjorn: That's funny because  the engine is 5 years old.  It's running on the Doom 3 engine.  Still looks great tbh, unlike most games these days what it lacks in high poly models it makes up for in visual style.
Posted by ImperiousRix

Seems like it's got a cool Indiana Jones-y vibe going. 
Will need to hear about the multiplayer before I commit, but looks kinda neat.
Posted by ApertureSilence


Posted by Brake

Starring Rip Steakface!

Posted by Giantstalker

Hate to judge game based on a choppy, uneven video but... this definitely didn't help me get out to a store and pre-order, that's for sure.

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Trailer music is so predictable these days. Resolve your fucking chord already.

Posted by Depth

Jeff is going to drink some gin!

Posted by Crocio

Bad Framerate?
This is obviously just slow motion.
//No, I'm not being sarcastic.

Posted by halfcaff

I heard that this is just a large marketing ploy by treyarch for map pack #4 in CoD:WaW. Success in my opinion

Posted by KillerBears

I've spent more time playing Enemy Territory than I'd care to admit, but this really doesn't interest me at all. It looks like a bunch of other games that I've played years ago.

Posted by Rothbart

Aww, come on, don't let this dampen your spirits! It's true that the graphics aren't "cutting edge", but are we really such a fickle group that we ignore something if it isn't shiny enough? I got a chance to play through the first level way back in '06, and I had a blast. Definately going to try to pick this game up if I can find an NTSC version somewhere 
Edited by TheFrostedGamer

I've also noticed that every single trailer they've released for this game, the frame rate of the everything in-engine is terrible. This is not a jab at the actual game. I just think whoever is editing these trailers is doing a bad job and not doing this game any promotional favors. 
On a positive note: I watched some multiplayer beta videos people uploaded to youtube and the game looked and ran perfectly fine. Duno.

Posted by SinGulaR

Looks very generic.
Posted by FlamingHobo

I wouldn't mind buying it, but still not sure about paying full price for it.

Posted by Kohe321

Looks cool

Posted by lightsoda

So looks are everything, that's what you're saying?

Posted by qUaK3R

I think this going to be another ugly fps game... just a guess

Posted by Ecinsiefil

How do you 'unlock a key'?

Edited by Rhaknar

I was watching Hellboy (the first one) last night, and the opening scene reminds me a lot of this trailer in look and vibe
as for the game itself, it will bomb... HARD. no reviews and the game is out today (?) is never a good sign, and I have seen absolutely NO buzz about it any ware (as opposed to say...batman AA, not to mention shadow complex)

Edited by Evilsbane

Hmm I'm really torn on this game I love the Franchise AND NO looks are not everything but they help. Its all gonna come down to the PC version having good graphics options I hate ports to the computer with no options I just built my new computer and I wanna USE IT!!!

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@TheFrostedGamer said:
" I've also noticed that every single trailer they've released for this game, the frame rate of the everything in-engine is terrible.
Maybe they use something like FRAPS" to record it, cutting the FPS in half.
Posted by Balaamsafe

There is a reason nobody has reviewed this yet.

Posted by Smuglittleman

They almost had me there until the giant bug!!!

Posted by CitizenKane
Posted by Gav47

Some of those animations look really bad.
Posted by Earthborn
@Crocio said:
" Bad Framerate? This is obviously just slow motion. //No, I'm not being sarcastic. "
Or are you?
In other news, Nazis are still the universal symbol of hate and id hasn't released a decent game in years.
Posted by Earthborn
@balaamsafe said:
" There is a reason nobody has reviewed this yet. "
They're busy playing Shadow Complex! I knew it!
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