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So close.

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Nice, Late night WUTANG.

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I was about to ask when this was going up.

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Sweet! A new WUTANG!

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nice night for a movie.  I recommend Friday the 13th. 

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@GanglyMonster said:
" cool "
Insightful and composed. Truly blunt yet charming. 5 stars.
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I don't actually know of this one, should be interesting!

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ending is brilliant

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OH GOD! Retro-futuristic neon Ryan is downright horrifying. Why did you have to post this so late?!

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@MikeS said:
" @GanglyMonster said:
" cool "
Insightful and composed. Truly blunt yet charming. 5 stars. "
You mad :)
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I've never expressed how much I love the WUTANG intro so here goes:  I love it.  A lot.

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Booooooga booga booga booga booga!!!

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Ahaha epic ending Ryan.

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@Kyreo said:
" nice night for a movie.  I recommend Friday the 13th.  "

Holy crap! Today was Friday the 13th... Well THAT explains it.

Oh, and good episode. Never even heard of this.

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watched this once on television... all I could say that its watchable but not good
also lol at the ending

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I nearly spit my drink out during that booga part.

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Did... did Ryan just.. digitally rape...
Dear god.

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next week's movie is Cloak and Dagger, just so you know

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I think I watched this when someone posted it entirely to their space on Gamespot...

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Suuuuuuuuch a filler episode. Hey a 30 minute "movie", neat! Move along people....

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I love visiting techno supernatural crazy town.

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I am terrified of Emilio Estevez.

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WUTANG: mm-mm good.

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I'm a Monsterrrrr.

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I am counting down the hours until the next episode.
Also, vinny always seems like he has a lot of fun editing these.

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I wish I had an imaginary Dabney Coleman.
Fuck I think we all wish we had an imaginary Dabney Coleman.

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That is definitely Vinny providing sound effects during the Ryan attack. 
Also, Dabney Coleman next week!  Yes!

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Well that fucking blew. Not really Ryan's fault, but was that the entire movie? Like... how... what... On the topic of what is Ryan's fault, this season of TANG is not really that memorable. Better try next time.

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The ending was fantastic.  Absolutely fantastic.  And yeah, it did kind of seem like an episode of the twilight zone or something, I rather enjoyed it.

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That was awesome!

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I stopped watching boys in da hood for this >_> great

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From IMDB:
"Emilio Estevez went through a two week training course with the NYPD on gun use to train for his battle scenes when the computer-generated enemies entered the real world.  "


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You become the game. You were played.

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Digital Ryan = Billy Mays ghost

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This was the best one so far. 

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Awesome TANG

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Excellent as always, I love me some TANG.

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lol, best WUTANG yet!

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damn Cloak and Dagger was the shit.  I loved the game as well.
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Ryan should cover the Are You Afraid of the Dark episode "The Pinball Wizard".  Lots of great early 90s cheesiness in that one. 

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That movie Nightmares, especially the episode with Emilio Estevez, that Ryan covered, looks so darn creepy.  I'm tempted to watch it, but I have too many movies on my Netflix account right now. 
On the other hand, I can't wait to see next's week episode of Tang, because Cloak and Dagger, a movie I enjoyed when I was a kid, is going to be reviewed.  As usual, good episode of Tang.

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I remember being really freaked out when I saw this as a young kid.

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Digital Ryan is a scary individual. 

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@Meatsim said:
" Digital Ryan is a scary individual.  "
I think just regular Ryan is a scary individual.
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War games not memorable?!!?! 
go die in a fire i say!