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my first time ive ever tried to get it and i do... 

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Wow that was fast.

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Saw it live. Was good.

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Woo new series!

Posted by cap123

best introduction in the history of mankind

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Missed it live, but I saw the Q&A after, which was good times. WU-TANG!

Posted by BigChief

I missed most of it live, so I'm glad they got the video up so quickly.

Posted by Jeffmoocow

This is the 36 chambers edition of WU-TANG.

Posted by iSAW

 The search is still on for Monkeyofdoom

Posted by Se7enthSamurai

Oh my god, I love the taste of TANG with a twist.

Posted by wrecks

It was a nearly a 3 hour festival of waiting, bitching, laughing and Tron. GB we <3 U.

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I cannot describe how much I love the intro and music.
Even the font.....

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Am I doing it right?

Posted by SumDeus

The Dude does not look good in black and white.

Posted by gakon

Girls have never been this excited about video games.
Also I've never seen this movie, but it's CG fever dream neon style makes me want to.

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Wu Tang ain't nothin' ta' fuck wit.

Posted by immike

"Shall we play a game?" "Ohhh.."

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Gotta admit, he does raise some valid points about Tron, despite it tho I still fondly enjoy the film, and eagerly anticapte Tron: Legacy.
Never seen WarGames tho despite knowing alot about it and the many influences afterwards (Defcon)

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Great episode. It was a good idea to expand beyond game adaptations, but I hope you still do POP, Kane & Lynch, etc.
I'm personally hyped for the Gamer episode as well....

Posted by ajamafalous

Oh boy!

Posted by animateria

Oh and I totally didn't watch Tron yet... As a man (baby/child) of the 80s, I thought I probably should watch it at some point.
Is it worth it, or as dreadful as Ryan makes it? 
Keep in mind I have no nostalgia for the film.

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Needs more black sweater.

Posted by Duckchow

That intro was dope.

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@iSAW said:

"   The search is still on for Monkeyofdoom "

For those of you who saw the live stream, this is apparently Monkeyofdoom from NeoGAF: 
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Worth the wait. I've never seen Tron but I've heard about for years.

Posted by Dr_VonBoogie
@Chris2KLee: Missed what Live?
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Nice intro!

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@animateria: It's pretty boring, but not aggressively unwatchable, and Jeff Bridges is kind of funny.  If you could watch it with some people, I'd say go for it. 
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the intro rules...
awesome start of the series too, keep it up GB!

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Was that Lincoln Force at the end?

Posted by JoelTGM

The return of TANG!  Awesome!

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Oh my god TANG!

Posted by Zamir

Lincoln Force

Posted by Chris2KLee
@Dr_VonBoogie said:
" @Chris2KLee: Missed what Live? "
It was live on their JustinTV stream before it went up a bit ago. They had Q&A after.
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Needs more TANG.

Posted by Dr_VonBoogie
@Chris2KLee: Aww, you mean they aired Tron?
Posted by JackSukeru

Great episode, remember to wear the same shirt next week Mr. Davis.

Posted by DJMattB241

I like Tron. It has definitely aged, but I never actually saw it when I was young. It's a little stilted, a little slow, and a little silly, but it was released in 19 fucking 82. Cut it some slack.
It's a good movie to watch with some fellow dorks.

Posted by Red

Love the new intro.

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