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I've never been a fan of this movie but I do understand it's legacy. 
I however disagree that this holds up better then Tron as I dont think either hold up (while maintaining I personally would watch either one today but only because I lived through this era, anyone watching this now for the first time would probably find it silly).  
On a side note Roger Ebert loved both this and Tron although seemed to like Tron more as he considered it an overlooked film. As far as gross, this film was much more profitable. 
Also, I'm going to mention on every episode how I hope you do one of these for Cloak and Dagger. If you do this show without ever doing that movie I will be sad faced. Speaking of which, am I the only one who notices that  Dabney Coleman was in alot of gamer movies? Well anyway, I saw a bunch with him in them back then.  
Oh, and the legendary William Forsythe playing a computer/gaming nerd who runs a game store (in Cloak and Dagger)! Come on, doesnt get any better then that =P 
Oh well, anyway, I'll shut up now.
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Nice, new WU-TANG!

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I wanna see a Cloak and Dagger TANG.

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Awesome!  Have no idea what next weeks video is about.
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Where's my gif of Ryan pretending to squeeze boobs???

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I remember when this movie came out. I was hanging with a bunch of guy's in a group called M.O.D...in NYC....wow...we LOVED this film.......amazing now watching this today brings me back to the good ole days...glorious days of the Apple 2 and TRS-80........thanks

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War Games was an excellent movie back in the day and still holds up pretty well today too. It still stands out as a classic in my eyes.

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Agreed, Last JDB movie I recall seeing was the MST3k version of Mitchell where Joe Don Baker is sometimes called Mittens. Egads that movie still hurts my brain even now. Ryan might need more stuff from the bar in order to make it through that one for next week.
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Does Joe Don Baker peel an orange in this one? He does in both his MST3K episodes...

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Those are KICK ASS intro title graphics!  I lol'd.  Also loved the "you want to hear it talk?... GIIIIAAANNT BOOOMB"

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That was great but HOW ON EARTH could you have not shown the "THIS CORN IS RAW!" scene! lol.

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WarGames is awesome. Gonna have to go check out Sneakers, now. Great episode, Ryan!

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I love young Matthew... This movie looks cool i never seen it... We dont have netflix over here in Canada @louiedog 
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Hey Guys I just realized that "this ain't no game" makes the acronym "TANG". Pretty neat huh?

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 Hey Guys I just realized that "this ain't no game" makes the acronym "TANG". Pretty neat huh? 

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@Colf said:
"  Hey Guys I just realized that "this ain't no game" makes the acronym "TANG". Pretty neat huh?  "
and I just realized that The Wonderful Universe of This Aint No Game makes the acronym WUTANG,coincidence? I think not!
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Oh the joy of TANG

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BEEWWWWWWBS ( . )( . )

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I watched this again a few weeks ago, it's a pretty great movie.

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WU-TANG clan ain't nothin to f**k wit.

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sadly, that West Wing guy is dead :(

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The war games would end if you just gave him a tasty Whopper.

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I remember seeing this film a few years ago and liking it. I don't remember a lot of it, but I do remember the ending which I thought was pretty nice.

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I love this show.

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@Legend said:
" Where's my gif of Ryan pretending to squeeze boobs??? "
We need it now!!!
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Somehow I always hated WarGames....maybe it's just becuase I really dislike Broderick..maybe it's because of something else (like the dumb story - seriously)... the only thing I do like is the conclusion - that's really a classic.... 
WUTANG forever.
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@JJWeatherman said:
" @tombo8888 said:
" first??? for the achievement? "
Fail "
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That girl is so fine at the end in a classical sorta way.  Annoying as shit though.

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Ha just watched this movie .. pretty good. I have the sudden urge to play defcon now.

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The good old days, when Matthew Broderick being in a movie didn't mean that movie was doomed to fail...

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I still love Wargames enjoyable review as always their Ryan So I take it Joysticks is the next movie you guys are gonna review?

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@infestedandy: Not many people liked  eXinstenZ but if you forget that it was a full fledged theatrical release and view it as a longer episode of the newer The Outer Limits, it really is pretty cool. That gun, though. Everyone remembers that gun.
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It's a great movie.  The leads really help sell the dramatic tension, as does that ending sequence.  Nice review.

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Great video. Sucks that John Spencer is no longer with us. He was great on West Wing.

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I'm a little surprised Ryan didn't make note of the whole "The only way to win the game is not to play" dichotomy of Tic Tac Toe, and competitive gaming as a whole.

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Bit of a stingy review. Every night I pray to the Whiskey Media Gods that Ryan replace Mathew Rory and make screened.com worth my time.

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I love that the whole plot of WarGames is that the WOPR is programmed to play chess, checkers, poker, oh and Global Thermonuclear War.

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<3 Wargames.

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I just realized this abbreviates to WU-TANG

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Lost count of how many times I've watched WarGames. Wonderful movie that still holds up today. 


I liked Tron way more,but it was good...

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Kind of short for the amount of goodness we have this week. 
Also, what was that teaser for.

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@Romination said:
" I just realized this abbreviates to WU-TANG "
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I still enjoy you're thoughtful script writing in this new video feature.  Wargames still plays!  WUTANG is great!  Make more videos!

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I have fond memories of Wargames, should probably watch it again sometime soon.

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Hope to see an episode of the movie "Stay Alive" from 2006

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