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I remember when I watched this at school, the whole class went "oooooh" at the "asexual reproduction" joke. Really damn funny, and still a great movie.

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 Another excellent TWUO-TANG. 
Had no idea Sneakers was a techno-thriller... may have to check it out    

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heh boobies!
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One of my all time favourite films.  
And it holds up wonderfully. 

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Shall...we...play...a...game? :) I think out of all of the crazy movies in this series so far War Games has to be the best!

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people snicker at the red menace these days, but it still remains true as ever. Eventually, the two biggest kids on the playground are going to fight.

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2:44 El Segundo High School, my alma mater. W00t

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8 inch floppies are the future.

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Ryan was such a great writer. Wargames looks pretty good too.

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