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So.....what crazy word-shifting shenanigans will ensue on THIS trailer?

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World of Planes

World of Speed

World of Warcraft

I'm tired of everyone ripping off World of Tanks.

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Is Project Cars still a thing?

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Looks a lot like PGR! Which is only a good thing.

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Project Cars is still ongoing this is something completely different, much more arcadey and with more focus on street cars and imaginary city street tracks than pCARS which will feature racing cars and official circuits with a more realistic handling model (tyre heating, brake fading, etc.).

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Another game focusing on just super cars, how lame.

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I don't see how anyone would think that making closed circuit racing games in 2014 is a good idea unless it's a hyper realistic simulator.

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@flacracker said:

Is Project Cars still a thing?

This also makes me a very concern doge.

EDIT: I own the Junior Tool Pack for Project CARS, really bummed I haven't been able to upgrade it because I think it's a fantastic game. Waiting on a full release for ages and, although I admit I don't follow every update for CARS (I do know I downloaded a new version just a few days ago) I have no idea where this game has come from.

Looks like they ripped the Engine straight out of CARS and are probably removing all the sim aspects and just making an arcadey F2P racer. Still looks gorgeous though, even if I've seen/driven those cars in Project Cars already.

Mildly bummed I think those are new tracks that aren't in Project CARS though.

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Project CARS, look great on geforce titan at ultra high res. it is what the next level of games will look like.

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Spoiler Alert: It's Free To Play.

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what's special about it?

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The handling and physics in Slightly Mad Studio's games has always been atrocious rendering them unplayble. I don't expect anything different out of this or Project Cars.

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@bollard said:

Looks like they ripped the Engine straight out of CARS and are probably removing all the sim aspects and just making an arcadey F2P racer.

That's actually what they're doing :D

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I am so dearly looking forward to The Crew, All the second tier racing games are starting to bleed together. The Crew is the first thing I've heard wind of that is actually trying something fresh with licensed cars

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@turboman: World of Warcraft came first duder!

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those are some sick vinyls !

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The World of Speed Racer would sell way more.

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Mike: "So we've gotta come up with a name for this game. Facts: It's a racing game. You know, like Need for Speed. And it's focused on multiplayer. Like World of Warcraft...only not at all like World of Warcraft. Anybody got anything?"

Mark: "I'm thinking...hmm, Speedfield? Cars of Duty? CarZ? Uhhhh..."

Mitch: "I GOT IT. Let me blow your minds here:




Huh? Huuuuh?"

Mike: "Done! Who's ordering lunch? Mitch is on me."

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World of Warcraft was way before World of Tanks Turboman