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Good times!

This is becoming one of my favorite features here.

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Nice, thanks Scoops

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Brilliant idea, Patrick.

Thanks for doing this, duder!

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Jamming with Scoops

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dope transitions bro

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Shooting the senator is the best option I could find. Patrick just kept missing him.

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This is a great feature. Love these looks at the more obscure sides of gaming.

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Super Hot has a great concept, only one so far that's looked worth anything

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I keep expecting to hear Brian Posehn talk about Audible during Probably Archery.

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The trick to In My Sights is to shoot the senator, but the aiming can be a bit tricky in that game. As for Shambles, you did not seem to be distinguishing Civilians from Zombies and were shooting them indiscriminately. That was why their behavior seemed odd. Zombies were green, but everything shambles.

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Patrick, in Notch's game, the green guys are the zombies. The non-green guys are not zombies, and when you kill a civilian, the guys with guns start shooting you.


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What is perspective... dot com.

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If I was able to do a FPS game at a game jam, it would be a retro sci-fi game in the style of those Star Wars knock-off movies from the late 70's and early 80's... Stuff like Star Crash.

I guess I'm not the mathematical type who would find pleasure in making and playing something mechanically unique and complex, but more of a type of person who find pleasure on playing and making something that reiterates on FPS and sci-fi tropes.

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Patrick, in Notch's game, the green guys are the zombies. The non-green guys are not zombies, and when you kill a civilian, the guys with guns start shooting you.



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I also enjoyed the Bionic Commando done by GRIN. I thought the multiplayer had a lot of promise. Still have it in my library.

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@patrickklepek You were shooting at the right person in the In My Sights game.

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I liked In My Sights. Not only because what one looks as suspect in the crowd says something about oneself. Yet the game has already given you a clue in the opening text. Not to mention the whole is one person more important than a sea of people line of thoughts.

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Really love this video! Such a nice way to see a bunch of cool jam games in action. :D

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This video is jammin!

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I was tempted to link @patrickklepek to Probably Archery (my game) on Twitter when this video was discussed, but I thought it would be much more awesome if I didn't and it still showed up. Very happy. Better than when someone's gif from it got on to the front page of Reddit. Maybe I should have linked to the tutorial video though.... ;)

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I can't even imagine how that last game was created.

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Oh man, I love those videos. Makes me wonder if there is enough material out there to fill two of those a week.

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Whelp, I know who I don't want on my side in a Zombie apocalypse (to be fair, those silly civilian animations were pretty darn zombie-like).

Edit: Really like these features. What's even cooler than indie development churning out fantastic games like Bastion, Gone Home, Amnesia, etc, is that we have an entire section of indie development that goes even deeper down the rabbit hole into bizarre, experimental concepts that were never designed for retail. I'm glad that these titles will get a little time in the spotlight, because some of them could easily become fully fledged games if given enough support.

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maybe you where meant to shoot the waldo/wally looking guy

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I think this is cool. Do more. MORE I SAY!

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@patrickklepek by default, games made with Unity display the mouse cursor. It's easy for developers to turn it off, but it makes prototyping easier sometimes (allows them to exit their previews easier by clicking out of the preview window) so it's often left on default. Nothing you (the user) can do to remove it.

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Cool feature! Good job.

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These 'installations' (abstract as they sometimes are) appeal to me far more than anything established publishers are outputting. Primarily commercial games, I mean. I haven't played a traditional FPS for years, but these predominately artistic, highly aestheticised concepts hold greater stead in my gaming spectrum these days, for sure. Perhaps this isn't the right theatre for mulling this over, but I would find a forum that hybridises the intended meaning, theory and inspiration behind these works with gameplay of them to be quite engaging. I love that some of these are simply experiences with no guaranteed objective, first and foremost--like looking into a watercolour and taking your own emotional cues from it.

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I SEEN WALDO WITH A BACKPACK SCOOPS. Why didn't you stop him?

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Great vid!! Was playing some 7DFPS entries the other day, so glad to see Patrick covering it. When I saw this video I was hoping to see Hunted; It's not horror (at least as far as I've seen of it since it's bloody hard) but it is pretty scary and tense.

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Hey, Patrick! I really enjoyed this feature and would very excited if you chose to do more of them.

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I'm a guy who can't spare the time to check out every experimental game, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I dug the format and your commentary, Patrick. Keep 'em coming!

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Yes, do more of this please!

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I'm way in to this kind of content (seeing as how no matter how interested in this stuff I may be, I am unlikely to actually do the leg work to check it out on my own.) Thanks, Patrick!

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I prefer more Encyclopedia Bombastia's over this tbh.

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Super Hot looks NUTS!

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@patrickklepek: There is the Boob Jam that's currently going on right now, maybe you're thinking of that one? http://theboobjam.com/

Should be good for a 'Worth Jamming' when its done, haha.

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Super Hot looks exceptionally cool.

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Some of these games are incredibly creative. I'd love to see some of these worked on more and turned into larger projects.

Also, I'd like to see you cover more of these, Patrick. These game jam projects are super interesting. Just dripping with creativity and passion.

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Nice. I've been curious about the game jams but do not have the time to sift through them myself.

To date, I think Just Cause 2 has the best grappling mechanic in video games. I still put that game in every once in a while just to skydive and grapple around. Second place maybe Spiderman 2 for PS2/Xbox.

edit--- holy crap somebody give the Super Hot team (person?) a publishing deal.

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Awesome feature, loving the "Worth" videos.

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Super Hot is the coolest FPS concept I've seen in years. I really want to see a finished product.

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Love the concept of chronicling gamejams.

Keep it up, Scoops. These features are great