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Posted by HammondofTexas

First Worth Playing of the year! Only 51 left to go Patrick!

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worth taking acid

Posted by void
Posted by Gaff
Posted by jkz

YEAH, 2013 Y'ALL!!!

Also I hope you keep up Spookin with Scoops, and doing it semi-weekly. I just watched them for the first time and enjoyed the hell out of all of them.

Posted by CitizenJP


Posted by kippers

Even when Giant Bomb are on holiday they can't resist putting up content :)

Posted by Itwastuesday

i missed these! the artstyle of the first game reminds me of playing R-Type on the gameboy

Posted by VoshiNova

sweet jesus that alien game is hilarious.

Posted by Fracture

Could we get a link somewhere to Prime mover? All google searches just bring up an old Amiga game.

Posted by hi_im_rob


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That was a bunch of goofy.

Posted by Quantris

So yeah, "bullet hell" isn't just "bullets"...

Posted by patrickklepek

YEAH, 2013 Y'ALL!!!

Also I hope you keep up Spookin with Scoops, and doing it semi-weekly. I just watched them for the first time and enjoyed the hell out of all of them.

I suspect this is not the last time I write 2013 by accident. It takes me at least a month to break when signing things.

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The last level of Prime mover (There's only 5 levels) is tricky but the 4th level is hard, real hard. Each level just introduces more and more balls. In the end you have to manage your balls movement, for instance on that 3rd one if you can figure out how to get your balls to bounce back and forth without disturbing each other the level becomes much easier. That's all I'll say.

Posted by ArjanN

The narration bits in the UFO game are just taken directly from a couple of HP Lovecraft stories.

Posted by INANTP


Posted by me3639

Someone had a post asking what they will not miss from 2013, i can know think of one.(See title)

Posted by theManUnknown

The divekick of bullethell shooters?

Oh man, I just hope divekicklike becomes a term.

Posted by Swaboo
Posted by VierasTalo

"There's something Lovecraftian going on here"

Well yup, that'd be all the writing. Like literally.

Posted by BeachThunder


Posted by development

Heh, "Fame." I love how a word can be gigantic, in the middle of the screen, and Patrick can still say it wrong. I mean, it's probably only the second time, but... just sayin'.

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Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat.

Posted by BaconGames


Posted by andrewf87462

I like watching these Worth Playing videos, very enjoyable, as it shows some weird and wacky games that I will never have time to play.

Posted by Y2Ken


I'm glad it's not just me that puts the wrong year in for the first few weeks, every single year.

Posted by Spiritof

I think Klepek dropped a tease of a hint of doing Quick Looks with Max Temkin and/or Dave Lang.


Posted by MosaicM80


Posted by GunstarRed

Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat. These are my opinions on Super Mario 3D world on a Club Nintendo survey.

Posted by jasondesante

yo Patrick you mentioned console capturing, I'm using an avermedia live gamer portable. Got it about a month ago to record console gameplay on my youtube channel. that box is pretty awesome because it encodes it on the box and you can record onto an sd card (about 10 hours with a 32 gig card), in 1080p 60mbps. its pretty awesome, just in case you haven't decided on something yet.

I'll link a vid if anyone wants to see, but I won't link one right now because I'm not trying to plug my channel, more trying to share information with you because I think its useful info! :D

great vid!

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Wait, I'm confused...are there cats in this Worth Playing video?

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" Quicklooks with friends" sounds like a good name for a new segment.

Oh by the way.. remember this?

Posted by ICantBeStopped

I haven't checked out a game that's been worthwhile from this feature in a long while, this video hasn't changed that. A lot of these are junk anymore.

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Infinite Fame could be markedly improved with small adjustments to the background stars. Make them smaller. Make them not the exact same shade of white as everything else on screen. It's really hard to see what the fuck is happening the way it is now.

Posted by ddiggler

I actually saw a lot of potential in that one game where you went around activating the pillars with the UFO looking thing above, what a gorgeous simple default windows like wallpaper that you can explore. That could maybe go somewhere if more gameplay elements were involved. Maybe some lightning in the distance with a breeze or something and... something, not sure. Definitely saw something there.

Posted by Velutha

Came for the cats, stayed for the cats

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

I really dug Prime Mover's music.

Posted by hyst

The music in The Rapture... reminds me of the movie Beyond The Black Rainbow.

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Prime Movers music was awesome, and that grassy field running game seemed pretty alright as well.

Posted by Landmine

The music in Prime Mover mixed with the gameplay was making me very tense.

Posted by Sparuscus

Prime Mover's music was fantastic.

Also, not entirely sure how I did this as it didn't work every time (maybe speed during the approach?), but on the fourth level of Prime Mover you can actually get the balls to go through the left side if you have them lined up with the correct container. It also glitched out on me a few times if they went through at the wrong part of the wall and got stuck.

Posted by AngriGhandi

For years, linguistic scientists thought that the word "buffalo" created the longest single-word sentence possible in the English language.

...they were wrong.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Drinking a frozen bottle by the Arc de Triomphe... man, I wonder what it would be like to drink a frozen bottle in the Catacombs?

Posted by ConVox

Prime Mover had some pre-stream quality music, get Vinny in here.

Posted by Bucklebutt

Anyone know if the cat game builds to anything? I'm strangely interested.

Posted by aquacadet

none of those were worth playing at all.

Posted by Sooty

It's funny cus it's so random! Cats Lol! Must play!

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