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I love when someone else has the same reaction as I to a game.

The ending to Bad Dream.

Exact same reaction.

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Very happy to have the links in the first comment as well. Makes it a bit easier, plus I like to play as I watch sometimes.

The games seemed pretty alright. RDBK was quite interesting. Honestly, I don't think I cared much for Bad Dream Butcher. It seemed a little too... eh. It seemed like it was trying hard, and somewhat pointless. Maybe there's more depth to it that I didn't see.

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Patrick plays five fingers fillet in this video? can't wait.

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Patrick really likes his horror games. That's the only reason, I can think for the Virtual Boy color change.

RDBK actually looks pretty neat. It's always cool to see new ideas used to try and make the old games play differently. It might not always work out so well, but it's still more interesting than just adding more power-ups to the game.

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First one of these vids I watched, and I had to sign up for an account because Patrick's score of 2015 seemed kinda 'meh' while watching, but DANG does the game get tight near that score. I failed quite a few times trying to beat his score. Finally finished with a score of 2285 Just wanted to make this comment to say thanks for introducing me to a really addicting game!

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OOh permutation racer is trippy, maybe a bit to rough on the post processing effects.. but anything that goes fast is my kind of thing.

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RDBK looks cool! But is it better than Rambo: The Video Game?

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Thanks for putting the links in a comment. Much easier than having to type them in or track them down in Worth Reading.

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I was really waiting for some sort of slap stick ending to Bad Dream and I kind of got that...

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@patrickklepek: Did you slip up on the description? "Start" instead of "end" or "stop?" Maybe I should watch the video before commenting...

Haha, nope--you're right.

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@patrickklepek: Did you slip up on the description? "Start" instead of "end" or "stop?" Maybe I should watch the video before commenting...

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Laughed at the slightly stunned reaction to the ending of Bad Dream. It seemed very random, inconsequential and unexpected, but I suppose that's what a lot of dreams are; a collection of miscellaneous thoughts, memories and sights that begin and end very quickly. They don't tend to tell anything logical or complete. Pretty neat.

Permutation Racer annoyed me that it wasn't a rhythm game. the music fluctuated on the collection of the blobs some times - or that was simply per chance - but otherwise the noise just sounded off beat and irritating. Did that thought run through your head? @patrickklepek

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Can't wait for Worth Reading.

That missing fingers cursor hand is profoundly disturbing.

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Wow, really liked the concept of the first game!

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Great, just in time for dinner!

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