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I miss Ryan. Happy Birthday Scoops!

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Man, as great of a tribute as that last game is, it was really hard to watch Patrick play it.

Posted by mattchops

What a fantastic tribute.

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Happy Birthday Patrick. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my games. And of course, thanks so much to Ryan Davis for being, well, just the best.

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It's Keystone Kapers!

Posted by outlawdsx

Happy Birthday Scoops!

Thanks for taking the time to look at these, including the heartrendingly great tribute to Ryan Davis.

Posted by BrianP

Happy birthday duder! That tribute game is so cool. Love all the attention to detail in the references.

Posted by Flare

I couldn't hold the tears.

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Happy Birthday Patrick!!!!!! Hope you have a good one sir.

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Happy Birthday SCOOOPS.

Posted by PlasmaMachine

That was an awesome dedication, and a fitting way to end no less.

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Happy birthday Scoops. Good batch of games this week. That Ryan tribute is pretty incredible. Watching you play through it though, man. I couldn't not tear up.

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I definitely had a few moments of tearing up while working on the game, but it was very difficult watching Patrick play it. I'm glad everyone appreciates it for what it is, though. :)

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Happy Birthday Scoops. Tribute was pretty amazing!

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@mutenmiller: Thanks for making that, it was perfect. Hard to watch but at the same time really great. The sitting on a cake reference really hit me with joy and sadness at the same time.

And happy B-day, Scoops!

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Happy birthday!!

Posted by Keithcrash

I appreciate you Patrick. Thank you for all the hard work you put into Giantbomb.

Happy Birthday, man.

Miss you Ryan.

Posted by john_gannon

That tribute was hard to watch, man I miss Ryan!

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Happy birthday Patrick!

That tribute game was very cute, though it was hard to watch your reaction to it, man. We all miss him terribly, too. I miss him.

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Happy birthday Patrick, I hope it's a wonderful one. Awesome game @mutenmiller seriously. Here I am tearing up at work, damnit.

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I really liked all the games you showed this week, that interactive videoclip is super trippy. And well mailbag mayhem was tough...

great stuff tho. And happy bday ;)

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Happy Birthday Patrick!

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It was "trap", Scoops. Katakana are mostly (but not always) used for "borrowed" words in Japanese. "torappu" is the Romanized version of トラップ.

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Damn man, I can't imagine how tough it was for you to play that Ryan Davis game.


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happy birthday scoops! that hotline trail game looks super interesting, thanks for showing it

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Happy Birthday, Patrick. Thanks for your contribution to the world. :)

Also wow that got hard to watch at the end for all the right reasons.

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Happy Birthday Patrick!

Thanks for all the hardwork and countless hours of entertainment. I really appreciate and enjoy what you bring to the site.

Posted by flasaltine

The sound of the phone vibrating are fucking amazing, at least with headphones. I had to check if it was mine.

Posted by buffaloseven

Phenomenal work, @mutenmiller. I lasted about 45 seconds before the tears started. It's a very fitting tribute to Ryan's memory. It's so great to see such good work coming out of this community in Ryan's memory. It's part of what makes this one of the best places out there in the vast interwebs.

Happy birthday @patrickklepek; I hope you have a great day today!

Posted by masterfaculty

@brashnir: that avatar is fucking amazing, sir.

Man, it's been close to a year now, and I still can't hold back the tears on all things Davis.

Posted by freecajunlove

That silence while playing... just KILLED me.

Happy Birthday Patrick. I hope you sit on your cake in tribute.

Posted by Zereta

I teared up watching Patrick fight back emotions playing that game.

Happy Birthday Scoops, and as always, keep throwing pies into toilets, Ryan.

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You should be exceptionally proud @mutenmiller, what a fantastic tribute.

Posted by Gaston

Happy bday Patrick <3 nuff said

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Birthday Scoops =D

Oh god. That end segment is really getting to me.

Posted by Ehker

On top of the building I'm seeing Alexis, Dave, ????, Alex, Patrick, Drew, Brad, Vin dog, Jeff.

Who's the 3rd guy from the left? Ian?

Posted by Alle

Happy Birthday Patrick! Thanks for all the great, hard work!

That Ryan tribute was great.

Posted by kalnet101

This is great. Great work @mutenmiller. Really appreciate it. That was... just awesome. =)

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Thanks to everyone, so so much, for your kind words regarding the game. It really does mean a lot to me, and I'm so glad people appreciate it for what it is.

I know some of the duders are hard to pick out at such low resolution. Some of them have really easy to capture elements, others I found more difficult. From left to right, they are Alexis, Dave (Hardcore Vest), Rorie, Alex, Patrick, Drew, Brad, Vinny & Jeff.

If I'm missing someone, or if you have a great idea for making them stand out, I would gladly program/modify them into another release. :) Maybe I could put in a little pixelly Pug next to Rorie...

Thanks again, all.

Posted by AndrooD2

Thank you, Patrick. Happy Birthday!

That tribute to Ryan was great. Solemn. Simple. Dumb. Beautiful. He would have loved it.

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@mutenmiller: Awesome, was easy for me to identify all but Rorie, with chin hair on Alex and muscle shirt on Dave working great. A dog would be cool, but yeah, making a pixel dog at that size would be ruff.

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At first I could concentrating on looking on all the GB related art in the game, but then... Nope, god damn emotions.

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That ending was hard to watch but it looks like a great tribute to Ryan. Happy Birthday Patrick!

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Oh man, that last game... R.I.P. Ryan.

And happy birthday Patrick.