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SCOOOOPS!!! Love these vids.

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Holy shit those street fighter reskins...

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This is by far the cutest Worth Playing I've ever watched.

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The lack of sound effects on that Sesame Street Fighter game is a big downer. Aside from the character designs it looks pretty lame.

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This was an excellent Worth Playing! My sister is going to get a kick out of Bert and Ernie being in a Street (Type) Fighter game. Also, Delirious Bird had me in tears I was laughing so hard. Don't touch the fuzzy.

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I cant tell if those are russian (or some eastern european countries) words, or if its just some random letters.

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Delirious Bird is incredible

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The best thing about flappy bird is all these vastly superior games it has spawned.

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Loved VVVVVV and the soundtrack so much. Fun that someone was inspired by it.

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Delirious Bird is very Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy.

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My professional opinion is that Sesame Street Fighter is not the best game, owing primarily to not being able to type while being hit. In addition the combo and special system ironically makes the game a lot easier for the characters with the longer typing.

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Eye am keeping my eye on you Patrick.

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I'm guessing the "ein" in Javel-ein is German for one.

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I think it's pretty great that Illuminascii has a revolver that takes magazines.

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I cant tell if those are russian (or some eastern european countries) words, or if its just some random letters.

Those I could recognize for Patrick's character where anglicized names of Russian cities, seemed like the different characters had different dictionaries though.

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Flappyjam just sounds like a euphemism, like "Not tonight honey, cos, y'know, 'Flappyjam' "

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I think I would be more interested in a Muppets fighting game than a Sesame Street one.

Delirious Bird is a really cool idea. Like some sort of platformer or even bullet hell shooter that did things like that... might be something.

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Javel-ein is, of course, a play on your single javelin and having to retain it. D_W's I Have No Bird, And I Must Flap is probably one of the better flappy inspired games I've tried.

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Delicious Deus Ex reference and Patrick vs the jumping turtle was great.

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Really enjoyed, sir.

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Love how Illuminascii clearly tells you up front that if you reload you lose any bullets you didn't shoot, and then Patrick gives zero fucks and loses like a zillion bullets to reloads.