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@herbiebug said:

None of this would have happened if worthless fucking Charles knew how to handle a sailboat. D:

Haha, this comment made me laugh.

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patrick. you probably should have given the monopoly money to the mimic king after his hint was "where am i gonna find the money to buy that castle".

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Drowning would be one of the worst ways to go I think.

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As a career sailor that drowning game was an awful thing to watch. Also, waves tend to be too big on the open sea to float on your back.

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Primal Fear of the Week with Scoops

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I like the idea of showcasing small, notable indie games that are, indeed, worth playing. This is in no way targeted at you or your work with the show, which I've really enjoyed, but the show, as you touched on, did sort of slip into a worth recognizing format.

The idea of focusing on 1 or 2 games more intimately for WP is appealing, but I definitely still hope to see the weird, crazy game jam games (like you've shown before). Perhaps if that doesn't work with the format of Worth Playing going forward, then maybe it's worth justifying as another show down the line -- who knows? Maybe that's part of an eventual freelance budget since you only have so many hours in a day? Maybe you rope Alex in on some more of this stuff?

Lots of cool directions you could take it.

GB, in part, is a great vessel for showcasing weird, wacky indies and jam titles -- so I hope to keep seeing them!

- Landon

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I sympathy scrolled.

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I don't know if anyone else has downloaded and tried out Mimicry Man after watching this, but if anyone else has, I'm kind of stuck:

I'm near the end of the game, the only thing left to do for me is get the Gold Sword and fuse it with the gun/coin in whatever way gets you that final item in the top left -- but I can't figure out how to get the sword. I figured I had to send another letter to the king, but the mystery egg gives me the gold coin now, not Zantetsuken, and the pawn shop owner won't take the Golden Gun in exchange for the Zantetsuken either.

Figured it out. In case anyone cares:

You don't need the Gold Sword. It's one of a few golden items you can mix with the Forever Flame to make the Melted Gold, to then mix with the bomb.

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I agree with @wjb and think patrick should play a variety (2-3 games) and I suggest the title change, if that is a thing Patrick wants to do, of "Quick Play." Adding a subtitle with the names of the games, perhaps?

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That was French as fuck.

Edit: Also, does Patrick not know what plains look like?

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Patrick doesn't like drowning. Weird ;)

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I like seeing the majority of the games you show off on this feature, maybe they all aren't worth playing for everyone but I've always enjoyed seeing a bunch of games I might have never known existed.

Also why didn't that guy just float on his back? I've done that in a pool for like a hour once.

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It's very easy to just lie on your back and be carried by buoyancy if you can focus.

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Mimicry Man looks cool. I think I'll check it out.

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People take these videos insanely seriously. None of these games are explicitly bad, just not totally great. "Smaller, Lesser Games Worth Taking a Look at and/or Noticing" is an awful name, and the existing name does just fine.

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man that drowning game freaked me out.. I am still kind of messed up O.o

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JRPGs you played recently: EarthBound

Hah, good call!

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I know other dark stories about boats that need to be addressed, most importantly, when you troll your boat when fishing alone, do not leave your spot.

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None of this would have happened if worthless fucking Charles knew how to handle a sailboat. D:

Seriously, I have no idea how to drive a sailboat but unless I'm mistaken it's not like you are just a slave to the cardinal wind direction.

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Eh, I would've said some people had a point a few months ago when these videos were 45 minutes long with @patrickklepek playing four or five games, but he hasn't been doing that lately.

I mean, he can cut it down to one game a week, I guess, but what if that game isn't interesting? I don't think every single person is going to like every game demoed.

I like the 2-3 approach because if there's a game I'm not interested in -- which occasionally happens -- I can skip to the other one or two. Keeping it under 25 minutes helps, as well, and I think it's a nice change from the (sometimes) bloated Quick Looks we've been getting.

Fair enough with the criticism, but I guess I don't go into these thinking I have to play these games. I don't think "Patrick's lied to me; what a great, big phony" if something turns out a little dull or more complicated than expected. Just my opinion, though.

Meh, I suppose he backed himself in a corner by calling it "Worth Playing" in the first place. "Random Bullshit on the Internet" doesn't have a nice ring to it.

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None of this would have happened if worthless fucking Charles knew how to handle a sailboat. D:

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Or maybe do a series of "Worth seeing at least once" games that arent worth playing but interesting that they exist

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I think it's still worth seeing oddball indie games that aren't necessarily "worth playing", as sometimes there's a lot to be learned from a game that doesn't succeed for whatever reason. A new title for the feature would probably be in order though.

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really like the mimic man game, cant wait to grab a hold and give that a try myself

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I got to 5:01 in that drowning game, do not recommend.

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By the way, mimics were totally a D&D thing before JRPGs. The Dragon Quest series was basically made by people who were really into D&D, so mimics worked their way in through that.

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I think you just add a question mark to the end of the title and then you're home free to play whatever you want, even if it's garbage.

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JRPGs you played recently: EarthBound

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The music of MimicMan or whatever it was called is fantastic, so classic RuneScapey.

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Was he talking about Recettear near the end?

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Glad to hear you're gonna be focusing more on games that are actually Worth Playing, @patrickklepek.

Agreed. Do some curation and find the hidden gems, @patrickklepek. I stopped watching regularly because you were playing mediocre or broken games.

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The man deserved to die, so I let him, then the message popped up and I was like 'yeap thats why he deserved to die' you know natural selection n all that.

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Mimic one seems like a cool memorization game. Looking at the chart, I'd say you needed to combine something with milk in order to progress (for pudding, perhaps?). I might check it out later.

Also the endurance mechanic of the drowning sim is pretty clever. Neat to see unconventional ads.

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Just played through Mimicry Man, pretty funny. Great way to use up an hour, Thanks Patrick!

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The mimic game is hilarious

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Patrick "Giving Porn To Kids" Klepek really knew how to monetize that teen.

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Glad to hear you're gonna be focusing more on games that are actually Worth Playing, @patrickklepek.

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Damn you Charles!

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I have a feeling that Charles planned that whole accident, because man did he speed of in that boat.

Also it was pretty damn ridiculous.

@tortoise said:

I support you being a bit more discriminating about what you include in these videos, but I wonder if a show called "Not Worth Playing" might not also be entertaining. Perhaps Alex could do that one.

Yes, I'm all for that.

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Sheesh...even watching that drowning game was terrifying...

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I support you being a bit more discriminating about what you include in these videos, but I wonder if a show called "Not Worth Playing" might not also be entertaining. Perhaps Alex could do that one.

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That drowning game is intense!

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Worth Playing is the new Spookin' D:

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