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I can't think of a game that wouldn't be improved with the addition of a scream button.

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Those hand animations on the DJ really do it for me. :)

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Sir, if you could refrain from telling people to make "some noise", it'll be good for the whole neighborhood

Sweet webisode, keep 'em coming

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Internet Explorer? Why not one of the dozen or so other browsers that are out there? I always have about 5 different browsers installed, since Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Seamonkey and Lynx all have issues with some websites or plugins, but usually not the same ones.

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First game reminds me a little of Teleglitch with the top down view and creepy space station wandering. Just a little slower paced.

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What's the name of the second game? I don't think it got mentioned. Hipsboard?

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What's the name of the second game? I don't think it got mentioned. Hipsboard?

No idea, Patrick didn't mention the name. But looked pretty funny.

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@patrickklepek: In the first game ("Stasis"?), you were over-thinking the Sanity mechanic with questions like "Why would my sanity go up when I see a dead body?"

Your sanity goes down when it's dark. Your sanity goes up when you're in a lit room. The dead body was under the glow of red lights, so your sanity went up. Hopefully, as the game progress, the mechanic gets a little deeper.

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Hey! @patrickklepek, nice episode.
I had the same problem with chrome, and after much investigation, I discovered that the solution was to start chrome as administrator, I think windows upped the security, so its having some read write privilege problems. Hope it works for you too, because I wouldn't wish internet explorer upon my worstest enemy.

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@patrickklepek I think the brain meter in the first game was related to being in the dark.

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That last game looks a lot like Hyper Light Drifter

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y u no drowning games. y.

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*snicker...* Pat's Weekly Drowning Game segment. I'm in... just for the sheer awfulness.

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The first game looks a bit like Teleglitch. Did you ever play that, Patrick? I think it might fit in the 'daily roguelike stream' format.

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No kidding man that game needs an anti scream button. XD

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That last game looks a lot like Hyper Light Drifter

Yeah. Patrick said that in "some ways it reminded [him] of HLD", but for me I couldn't see anything but an attempt to capitalize on a lot of the praise surrounding HLD's style.

I mean, all they had to do was maybe ditch the poncho thing or go for a different protagonist design altogether in order to distance themselves a bit more from the comparisons that will likely dog it.

That lovecraftian boss enemy was pretty dope though. I really like its design.

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@fushichou187: It is the pixel blockyness of everything and the thin legs. Ya I saw the part where Patrick mentioned that after I made the comment.

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FYI the issue with Unity webplayer is that Chrome will block plug-ins that use too many resources. You can go into the tools -> task manager (or press shift-escape) and kill the Unity plug-in task. Then if you refresh the Unity plug-in will work.

There is a unity web plug-in only game (battle star galactica online) in their forums they suggest that Firefox is best for the Unity web plugin.

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I credit Amnesia and its sanity mechanic as single handedly revitalizing the horror genre for video games.

As for mental illness insensitivity, I don't think so. I mean, I am a mentally ill person myself. I don't take offense if a game handles loss of control and ramping panic as a player mechanic. I'm more offended when a game chooses a specific mental illness to portray and gets it wrong or makes light of it.