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Posted by mrfluke

the mic was a good purchase, you sound great

Posted by leejunfan83


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ehhh, you need an easier link that those patrick, that first dropbox link is a lot to type out.

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You sound as great as you look!

Posted by jillsandwich

where the fuck is richard sounds very promising.

Posted by patrickklepek

@mrfluke said:

ehhh, you need an easier link that those patrick, that first dropbox link is a lot to type out.

I guess I could to TinyURLs?

Posted by Tasus
Posted by Milkman

@patrickklepek: Feels like it would be easiest just to drop the links to the games in the comments.

Posted by Stradimus

I'm not sure how I should feel about Where the Fuck is Richard?

Posted by Toxeia

@patrickklepek: If this is part of your Worth Reading, why not just link them there still? The title heading for "Worth Playing" just turn it into a hyperlink that goes to the corresponding video.

Posted by Sless

Breaking this out as a video section was a great idea, Patrick.



I've wanted to see GWBW played for a long time.

Went and tried it out after/during this video. It's pretty amazing so far.

Posted by fisk0

Gods will be watching seems like it could be a really fascinating game.

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Posted by Kazzenn

Gods Will Be Watching looked great.

Posted by mrfluke

@mrfluke said:

ehhh, you need an easier link that those patrick, that first dropbox link is a lot to type out.

I guess I could to TinyURLs?

yea tinyurls could work for the site version, its much less to type in.

placing urls like that in videos i think is really suited for youtube cause then you can just put the link in a annotation.

also this is a really minor one, but maybe place the link in the video on the top of the video instead of the bottom. cause when you go to pause the video, the site's video player covers the link.

Posted by mrfluke

@toxeia: the video is already embedded in worth reading.

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Posted by Disaya

I'll have to check out these games.

Posted by OneOhEight

I like your content Patrick but I don't know why it's necessary to have you on camera in the corner for these videos.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Gods Will Be Watching looks super cool. Thanks for showing it.

Posted by TruthTellah

Oh wow. Your voice is so smoooth and attractive in this video. Nice mic purchase, Scoops.

Posted by bacongames

Man, that psychiatrist was weak shit. I guess you can call that irony, if such a label is permissible these days on the internet.

I don't know if I should be it's own feature or what but I would love it if you recorded playing some of your favorite games from the MolyJam this year.

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I played Gods Will Be Watching a while back, in fact I believe it was on a recommendation you made in Worth Reading, though perhaps I'm wrong there.

That game is very interesting but once you really learn whats going on and what you need to do it becomes incredibly simple and easy. I think that this is mostly in thanks to the Robot character who can show you (without taking a turn) the moods of everyone in the group.

Once you learn that all you really need to do is check with him every day to make sure no ones mood falls below 5 or so and you're kinda golden as long as you don't make a dumb mistake like forgetting to light the fire... which I did... many times.

I'd be interested to see what they'd do with more time for that game.

Edit: Just as a heads up @patrickklepek, you don't need to do group therapy to make individuals feel better, if you just Talk to them it'll brighten their mood a bit.

Posted by OurSin_360

I thought the game would be done once you fix the radio...nope. WTF

Posted by ThePickle


Posted by Mezmero

Is this feature like "That's So Indy!: The TV Show"?

Posted by OneKillWonder_

Where the Fuck Is Richard is the absolute best title for anything I've ever heard.

Posted by csl316

Oh god, the transitions are still amazing!!

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Patrick, I loved your British accent.

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Hobo Solitare looks neat but I would get way to frustrated about it.

Posted by ManiacMaysin

I like this feature. Keep up the good work. Also, that mic does sound real good.

Posted by djames216

@mrfluke said:

ehhh, you need an easier link that those patrick, that first dropbox link is a lot to type out.

I guess I could to TinyURLs?

I suggest you put links to the games and Worth Reading Article in the Youtube description and just remind people that the game links are embedded in the Worth Reading Article and Youtube description.

Posted by Splid

Loving this new format Patrick! It's like a dose of tiny quicklooks :D

Posted by MEATBALL

Ha, Gods Have Been Watching was really fun to watch.

Posted by GreenAmbler

I really think this is my favorite segment on the site. I never would have seen these fascinating games otherwise.

Posted by nukesniper

Gods Will be Watching looks really cool.

Posted by megalowho

Thanks for putting Gods Will Be Watching on my radar, that thing is right up my alley - tossed some cash their way for the expanded concept.

Posted by andrussell

Audio is sooo much better! Thank you for fixing this Patrick!

Posted by Genfuyung

Awesome feature.

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Is this like organ trail?

Posted by Robopengy

Sweet! This is a good feature

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

Where The Fuck Is Richard? Is a pretty good name for a game.

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Gods Will Be Watching is surprisingly tense and frustrating (in the good, makes-you-want-to-keep-trying way) and I just sank 2 hours into playing it through.

Really hard game to beat, and especially towards the end when ammo is all gone, food is constantly low, and people are losing their minds, it is nearly impossible to save everyone. I got pretty lucky finally and made it out with all parties intact (even the robot and dog). Then my character committed suicide anyway. Which was kind of a bummer.

Posted by bgdiner

Really liked Gods Will Be Watching, felt it seemed somehow more unique than the usual indie stuff I see featured here. Then again, I am very picky about indie games.

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I love when people look at lesser-known games like this. More, please! :D

Posted by savioroftheworld

Talking to people in Gods Will Be Watching increases peoples mood, which is a way to keep them from going mad without using all your turns at once. Sometimes people will also give you information which will help you win the game.

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